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Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood
United Kingdom
Mark has toured extensively with his bands Mania 7 and TOX and as a session guitarist has toured throughout the US, the Middle East and Europe supporting acts such as Tommy Lee, Puddle Of Mudd, Jamie Cullum and U.T.I.O.G.

  • Pee Wee Ellis
  • Juan Diego Florez
  • Paul Jackson
  • East Bay Rhythm
  • Hutch Demouilpied
  • Chris White
  • Kaz Kasozi
  • SonVer


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  • Afterburner
    Exuberantly rocking Heavy Metal hymn to power and speed.
  • Afterglow
    Electronically-enhanced rock with fierce female vocal.
  • Alien Nation
    Grinding steady-paced metal. Positive, serious and powerful. Stabbing guitars and drums.
  • Ashes To Ashes
    Gothic meets Metal meets Glam for a darkly thrilling roller-coaster ride.
  • Bad Seed
    Head-shaking heavy rock with a contemporary sprinkling of twisted synth lead (thoughtful pause at 01:42).
  • Battle Wagon
    Rabble-rousing Post-Grunge anthem with powerful drums/guitar riffing sections.
  • Big League
    Explosive riffing metal guitars and muscular rock drums. Tough and energetic.
  • Big Metal
    Heavy, grinding Alt Rock riffs over powerhouse drums with a touch of menace and enigma.
  • Bird's Eye View
    Breezy, fluid, minimalist solo piano. Neutral, floating piano arpeggios evoke activity and time-lapse film.
  • Black For Danger
    Brooding, rolling Rock with Electronica/Dubstep touches. Mean and melodramatic.
  • Black Heart
    Thundering heavy metal with super-angry female vocal on theme of man's infidelity.
  • Bodyhammer
    Powerful Metal groove builds with Gothic choir and orchestral stabs. Epic fantasy.
  • Boy's Toys
    Driving, headbanging, feelgood Rock.
  • Breakout
    Breathless, driving metal rock. Versions with or without grunge vocals "Breakout". Aggressive pounding drums and explosive guitar. Furious and exciting.
  • Burnout
    Aggressive, fast grunge rock guitars over heavy driving drums. Incessant, raw, macho and confident.
  • Can't Stop The Rock
    Racing mid-70's headbanging Blues-Rocker withrip-roaring slide guitar.
  • Captive Hearts
    Mid-paced Post-Grunge. Reflective and soaring.
  • Celtic Mayhem
    Reeling, Celtic-flavoured Rock with blistering guitar. Builds to exciting climax.
  • Crash
    Frenetically riffing, incessant Metal.
  • Creepshow
    Raunchy and theatrical Goth rock with massive synth-enhanced chorus - darkly glamorous action.
  • Dark Rider
    Sultry, powerful dark Alt Rock with suspenseful edge.
  • Day Of Judgement
    Driving Metal with Gothic orchestra and choir builds inexorably to massive climax.
  • Devil Dance
    Heavy riffing, feelgood Post-Grunge Rock.
  • Dr Who Meets Dr No
    Driving rock anthem blends prog-rock synth lines with sizzling guitar riffs to push stadium rock into the future.
  • Drive It
    Upbeat middleweight US guitar rock driving music.
  • End Of The World
    Soaring female rocker with metaphorically apocalyptic theme.
  • Energiser
    Alternating power rock and funk guitar grooves. Strutting, macho and punchy.
  • Fast And Furious
    Tense, twisted Alt Rock/Metal onslaught builds to frenzied fever pitch.
  • Fireblade
    Head shaking prog metal riffing gives way to power chords theme with glam synth overlay.
  • For Heroes
    Emotive mid-tempo melodic rock anthem - climaxes at 01:18 and 02:06.
  • Fun Machine
    Runaway action-packed riffing rock with an exuberantly upbeat chorus.
  • Funky Junk
    Head shaking funk-rock with contrastingly thoughtful 'B' section.
  • Get Away
    Raucous rocker with growly male vocal about the eternal dilemma of taking loads of drugs OR jumping in your cute new sporty car to avoid general dissatisfaction with life, the city and everything.
  • Ghost Waltz
    Jauntily spooky period piano waltz with Lo Fi sound and creepy FX
  • Giants Of Rock
    Classic seventies Hard Rock with driving unison riff, overdriven Hammond organ and fast n' fiery lead guitar.
  • Gigantor
    Soaringly OTT Pomp-Rock/Choral/Orchestral anthem; joyfully melodramatic.
  • Glam Explosion
    Stylishly dirty, cutting-edge glam pop-rock.
  • Gonna Rock The House
    Fast pounding 70's Heavy Rock with gritty harmony guitars.
  • Gothika
    Epic playoff between impassioned gothic choir with full orchestra, and incendiary metal rock band. Dark and awesome.
  • Gridiron
    Strutting, positive, heavy rock soundtrack to hard hitting sports action.
  • Gumball Girls
    Feelgood, uptempo rock. Positive with a fun edge.
  • Half Pipe
    Fast, driving Post-Grunge rocker. Tough and exuberant.
  • Headbanger
    Fast, punchy, classic Stadium Rock crowd-rouser.
  • Helter Skelter
    Urgent, punchy rock with electroclash/synth highlights.
  • Hi Performance Montage
    Rock Gothic ballad gradually builds through Glam histrionics and headbanging metal riffing to epic climax.
  • Immortalis
    Ultimately pumped-up rock orchestral dramatics with a rolling mid-tempo backbeat.
  • In The Sky
    Intense, emotive female vocal over sparse piano and strings/FX slowly builds to gigantic rock lift-off at 2:33.
  • Into The Fight
    Aggressive Rock stabs into exciting, powerful Alt Rock action.
  • Juggernaut
    Hard-riffing 1970's style, classic Rock/Metal headbanger.
  • Just Want You
    Swaggering Garage rock explores the perenially fascinating topic of boy wants girl/car/mobile/food etc.
  • Kingpin
    Relentless, prowling rock orchestral groove growing through complex orchestral flourishes to pile-driving staccato climax - filmic, glamorous and dark.
  • Lost
    Dark, brooding, mid-pace metal drums and guitars.
  • Loud And Proud
    Crashing, classic Hard Rock with relentless heavy riffs and blazing lead guitar.
  • Manic Attack
    Theatrically intense runaway synth-enhanced pop-rocker; complex, powerful and catchy.
  • Max Metal
    Racing Alt-Rock/Metal mayhem...exciting high speed action!
  • Metal Mayhem
    Mid-pace, pounding 1970's style Heavy Rock/Metal.
  • Metal Mayhem (Promo)
    Mid-pace, pounding 1970's style Heavy Rock/Metal. (30sec of PMOL144 tk58)
  • Metal-Step
    Incendiary mixture of Metal and Dubstep.
  • Mind Games
    Driving Post-Grunge with a twist of downbeat drama.
  • Monster
    Ominous, mid-paced, heavy grunge rock. Unrelenting riffing guitar over pounding drums. Massive, raw and threatening.
  • Mythos
    Toweringly histrionic Goth/Pomp rock with a camp streak, featuring high, wordless male-vocal theme.
  • Night Ride
    Urgent, emphatic, crowd-rousing Post-Grunge Rock.
  • Night Warrior
    Explosive grunge rock. Moody, restless heavy guitar atmosphere bursts into full-on, furious attacking thrash. Gripping and powerful.
  • Our Hero
    Chugging rock metal with Gothic choir and orchestra builds to powerful filmic climax.
  • Out Of Hell
    Muscular, punchy Alt Rock with dark edge. Something huge is coming this way!
  • Paradise Garage
    Smoking Grunge Rock anthem with attitude - too cool for school.
  • Prog Rocks
    Heavy seventies Prog Rock with harmony lead guitars. Soaring and psychedelic!
  • Race Driver
    Funky, hard rock riffs with punching drums and bass. Muscular driving action theme.
  • Racer
    Driving heavy metal guitars with cut up, filtered beats and explosive sounds. Action-packed and exciting!
  • Ready to Rock
    Mid-paced anthemic guitar rock- warm, soulful and positive.
  • Retro Rocker
    Fast, heavy riffing, classic 70's Heavy Rock. Builds with blazing lead guitar.
  • Riff Revolution
    Late 1970's/early 80s-style US Hard Rock with strutting, proud guitar riffing.
  • Road Rocker
    Modern guitar rock with a NewWave/punk attitude. Driving and edgy.
  • Rock Highway
    Classic, strutting 1970's Rocker. Loud and Proud!
  • Rock Highway (Promo)
    Classic, strutting 1970's Rocker. Loud and Proud! (30sec of PMOL144 tk1)
  • Rock Inferno
    Hell for leather rock riffing gives way to huge histrionic Nu Glam Rock chorus.
  • Rock Monster
    Rip-roaring Alt Rock headbanger.
  • Rock Relaunch
    Driving, 1970's Hard Rock unison riffing. Pounding, deep and powerful.
  • Rock Ye Gentlemen
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' in strutting heavy metal style.
  • Rockin Christmas
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas' in racing rock n roll style.
  • Shake It
    Fast, fun and furious Nu-Punk/Pop-Rocker.
  • Silver Bullet
    Swaggering swing-time rocker with explosively positive choruses featuring glittery synth highlights.
  • Situation Meltdown
    Pounding rock-electro cross-over with passionate guitar led chorus; dark, sexy and dramatic.
  • Smash Up
    Relentless racing Metal riffing builds to frantic climax.
  • Smoke City
    Triumphant, pile-driving Post-Grunge power-anthem.
  • Speed Thrill
    Exhilarating, glamorous Alt-Rock headbanger takes you on a thrill ride.
  • Spider Child
    Flaming Post-Grunge Rock. Pensive and edged with tension.
  • Springbank
    Thoughtful, modern style acoustic guitar piece. Light, welcoming and neutral.
  • Subterranea
    Stabbing metal guitars over driving drums. Develops with additional strings and synth stabs.
  • Suck It Up
    Towering Metal-Dubstep anthem builds with intense male vocal.
  • Take Away The Insanity
    Fun, swaggering, manically energeticBrit-Popper is unimpressed with the impact of socialmedia on his love life, shouting for some therapeutic reality time away from it all.
  • Take Away The Insanity (Promo)
    Fun, swaggering, manically energetic Brit-Popper is unimpressed with the impact of social media on his love life, shouting for some therapeutic reality time away from it all.
  • Tear Em Up
    Rip-snortin' road-rocker with exciting synth highlights.
  • The Edge
    Massive, filmic, gothic rock histrionics woven with pulverising metal grooves.
  • The Heat Is On
    All-action Metal mayhem builds with relentless high speed drama.
  • The Rush
    Glam, dramatic electroclash / contemporary synth pop, bursting with energy and with a touch of retro.
  • This Just In
    Urgent, pounding rock soundtrack to dramatic news, with electronic and orchestral elements.
  • Thoughtful Spot
    Gentle, summery solo acoustic guitar. Evocative of peaceful, pastoral scenes and relaxation.
  • Time for Heroes
    Mid-tempo head-shaking rocker building to dramatic synth-powered gothic anthem.
  • Unforgiven
    Blazing, defiant female rocker to tear up the roadhouse on a Saturday night.
  • Viral Worship
    Heavy, mid-pace/slow Metal with some 70's style unison riffing.
  • Wasted
    Ominous, muscular grunge rock. Brooding, menacing, chugging guitars and strings intensify to driving aggression with stuttering fx.
  • We Can
    Feelgood, upbeat Indie guitar rock.
  • Wings Of Fire
    Rip-roaring Hard Rock with exhilarating finale. Built for speed.
  • Wonderworld
    Massively uplifting, modern pop-rock lit up with euphoric electronics, alternates with glam-tinged, strutting rock groove.
  • You Gotta Be
    Fast, aggressive Death Metal with grunge vocal. Instrumental available in Versions.
Mark has toured extensively with his bands Mania 7 and TOX and as a session guitarist has toured throughout the US, the Middle East and Europe supporting acts such as Tommy Lee, Puddle Of Mudd, Jamie Cullum and U.T.I.O.G.

  • Pee Wee Ellis
  • Juan Diego Florez
  • Paul Jackson
  • East Bay Rhythm
  • Hutch Demouilpied
  • Chris White
  • Kaz Kasozi
  • SonVer