Production Music Online

Katharine Blake

United Kingdom
PMOL Co-writers
Kevin Kerrigan


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  • Courtly Life
    Upbeat recorders fanfare with early percussion and stringed instruments.
  • Dark Chant
    Deep and dark solo male Gregorian chanting over droning voices. Sombre and austere.
  • Greensleeves
    Solo recorder plays well-known 16th century English lullaby with building, early instruments accompaniment.
  • Merry Minstrels
    Simple, upbeat Medieval music with two recorders and tambourine.
  • Pater Noster
    Gregorian monk chants The Lord's Prayer in Latin over vocal drone.
  • Scarborough Fayre
    Hauntingly beautiful female vocal version of the traditional Yorkshire ballad with distant harp, recorder and floating chordal ambience.
  • Sister Mercy
    Medieval nun sings hauntingly beautiful plainsong with recorder and voice drone.
  • The Abbess
    Nun chants early, sacred plainsong over vocal drone.