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Florent Duclos



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  • All Night Long
    Suspenseful intro to massive pounding trancey EDM with looped female vocal fragment.
  • Arcade Generation
    Reflective house electro rises on a trance-edged wave into grand finale.
  • Battle Zone
    Urgent, rolling orchestral figures over menacing drones and cinematic drum bursts.
  • Big Up
    Dramatic trancey EDM intro into dark, pounding minimal groove.
  • Blast
    Brutal EDM. Pensive intro takes off and does what the title says.
  • Brazilian Beach Retro
    Cool, slightly edgy Latin dinner-jazz meets light Balearic House.
  • Bubble Machine
    Sunny, trippy reggae mixed with buzzy, robotic dubstep. Upbeat and quirky.
  • Dark Activity
    Pulsing, threatening synth monotone over rolling percussion with spaceyatmospherics and sinister piano tune fragments.
  • Dark Legions
    Portentous synth bass impacts loopover busy, insistent cinematic drum beats.
  • Dark Mystery
    Gloomy, enigmatic backingwith dark,glassy overlays grows in urgency then falls back.
  • Dead Drop
    Moody and menacing minimal instrumental loops over rolling electronic drums.
  • Deep Cover
    Twisted, subterranean chugging trip-hop beats with distant industrial effects and minimal altered piano notes. Dark, spacey, eerie.
  • Dirty Dancehall
    Electro meets dancehall for a sexy, bouncy bump and grind.
  • Dream Girl
    Dreamy blend of lounge-jazz, folk ballad and Spaghetti Western. Moody and atmospheric.
  • Dreams In Steel
    Anthemic synth-chords over rolling house beats, with a techy, business edge.
  • Dubstep Heroes
    Cut-up filmic drama interweaves with urgent dubstep rhythm track.
  • Dubstep Party
    Fizzing metallic arpeggios over lilting half-tempo dubstep with collage of vocal samples - celebratory with a punch.
  • EDM Attack
    Bouncy, insistent swing-beat EDM.
  • Electro Dubstyle
    Dubby, buzzy pop electro with dancehall MC repeated sampled phrases.
  • Euro Star
    Thriving party electro with anthemic synth-brass theme.
  • Evening Rain
    Cooly melancholy chilled jazzy Trip-Hop. Sexy and sad.
  • Fiesta Lounge
    Upbeat House groover with ethereal female vocals.
  • Funkypowa
    Euphoric electro-disco anthem with super-funky, body-popping electro verse sections.
  • Gladiators
    Intense, darkly dramatic EDM anthem with pounding groove.
  • Going Crazy
    Tuneful, housey EDM theme with intense sounding male vocal fragments.
  • Gold Rapped
    Lush filmic Chillout with French rap. Rap version of 'Liquid Gold'.
  • Hi-Matic
    Authentic, driving club-electro - upbeat with a twist.
  • In The Clouds
    Floaty, dreamy rhodes and echoey female vocals over laid back Ibiza House groove.
  • Interceptor
    Urgent, techy EDM.
  • K-Pop Style
    K-Pop salsa-flavoured Electro monster with frantic siren-lead and girl-vocal fragments.
  • Life Is Fun
    Fizzingly upbeat pop electro - simple, young and fun.
  • Light It Up
    Glitzy electro disco theme with super-catchy synth-brass lead line.
  • Lights In The Sky
    Dreamy, ambient riffs/pads over subdued dubstep rhythm. Light and thoughtful.
  • Lights In The Sky (stems)
    Dreamy, ambient riffs/pads over subdued dubstep rhythm. Light and thoughtful. (Stems of PMOL099 tk47)
  • Liquid Gold
    Funky, jazzy downtempo trip hop featuring mute trumpet - driving the late night city streets...
  • Metalheadz
    Metal meets dubstep and has a massive rumble just for fun.
  • Move Your Body
    Purposeful electro-disco with a retro twist feat. female vocal sample - 'move your body'.
  • Naked In The Street
    Funky, bright electro house. Feisty and fun.
  • Night Watchers
    Pensive glassy sequence over tense percussion loops with sparse atmospehrics on top.
  • No Stopping
    Driving, emphatic electro-house with vocoder vocal sample; "Rockin', no stoppin'"
  • Pan Pipes Attack!
    Portentous synth riff intro into crazy pan-pipes riff over pounding EDM.
  • Paris In The Rain
    Jazzy/Latin Chillout theme featuring accordion and mute trumpet - nightbirds prowling the rainy streets of St Germain.
  • Power Trip
    Intense synth chord groove into dramatic, bouncy EDM lead over pounding bass.
  • Prowler
    Sinisteraltered-piano riffs layeredover tense, dark electronic percussion and FX.
  • Punk Electro
    Dramatic, portentous synth-rock intro into rolling, serious electro groove.
  • Robot March
    Fizzing, pounding EDM anthem with a marching feel.
  • Scary Clock
    Heavy, reverby clock tick with dark electronica and atmospherics.
  • Sinistra
    Dramatic hybrid synth/orchestral underpinnings with intense bell-like synth tonesriffing and percussionaccents.
  • Spring Breakers
    Hot and sexy EDM salsa featuring driving Sax riff, for burning up the beach in Miami.
  • Spring Breakers (Promo)
    Hot and sexy EDM salsa featuring driving Sax riff, for burning up the beach in Miami. (30sec of PMOL113 tk8)
  • St Tropez Nights
    Jazzy guitar and flute over cool, upbeat, Lounge/House.
  • Tense Vigil
    Tense, dark, minimal electronica with urgent, insistent pulse.
  • Trouble Building
    Dramatic, insistent orchestral strings figures repeatover simple, stormy cinematic piano and drums.
  • Unpleasant Business
    Darkly pensiveelectric guitar figures unfold over minimal, glitchy electronic backing.
  • Unpleasant Wait
    Tense, glitchy electronic dub, with a rusty clocks kind of feel, to wait for something remarkably unpleasant to happen.
  • Urban Energy
    Electronic theme to cool, young urban living.
  • Venus Smiling
    Quirky retro Lounge-House with cutesy female vocal licks. Venus hops off her pedestal to enjoy some me-time at Chanel.
  • World In Motion
    Big thoughtful pads line gives way to flying EDM action theme. Lush, stylish, glam.
  • Zombie City
    Mysterious intro to abrasive, mechanical leadlines over rumbling dubstep rhythms.