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  • Abstract
    Thoughtful, futuristic minimal techno; ambient electronica drones to brooding minimal electro bass, drum machine and android effects.
  • Accidents Of Love
    Runaway Baroque orchestral romp featuring Crumhorn and other Baroque family favourites.
  • Adventure East
    Dance beats lead flowing bansuri (Indian flute) improvisations in a trans-India adventure.
  • American Arcade Game
    Chiptune arcade style version of classic military march The Stars And Stripes For Ever - perfect for when you're not taking the USA completely seriously.
  • Apres Sol
    Smoothly funky atmospheric loungey chill featuring lush, jazzy string and brass beds with solo muted trumpet and retro synth leads.
  • Are You A Dreamer
    Psychedelic US Post-Punk Garage Rock with soaring, fiery male vocal taking you to the euphoric heights of swaggering Rockdom.
  • Baby Come On Down
    Rambunctious rocker with elegantly wasted vocal summoning out the beautiful people to party, featuring a rowdy, wordless singalong chorus.
  • Bad As You Like
    Sultry, funky, spaced out trip hop - dark and dubby. Versions with and without erotic female vocal effects.
  • Behind The Sun
    Majestic ambient synth pads with electronic accents and vocal samples- 'Behind the Sun' plus occasional ethnic 'monk' vocalisations.
  • Being Michael Caine
    Vintage cold war era spy intrigue complete with twangy guitars and twangier dulcimer.
  • Bim Bam Boom
    60s retro Afro-Cuban Cha-Cha kitsch-fest featuring sultry female vocals and explosive brass. Fun, catchy and cute.
  • Binary Boy
    Cool but fun electro-house with intriguing 3 bar loop structure.
  • Blue Bubble
    Light and sunny retro pop/soul love song with a touch of indie/psychedelia.
  • Carnaval De Futebol
    Manically upbeat trumpet fanfare over epic carnival beats.
  • Chihuahua Cha Cha
    Vintage big-band Cuban Cha-Cha with soaring Mexican trumpet lead - sunshine, tequila and fun South of the Border.
  • Chilled Future
    Haunting, guitar riff is joined by rolling electronica for a trip into the chillosphere.
  • Chromosphere
    Lush and spacious sculpted ambient soundscape over Hang Drum bed.
  • Dark Launch
    Driving chemical electronica over a techy bass and massive beats.
  • Das Pop Muzik
    Robotic, 80s retro electro-pop using punchy modern sounds.
  • Dirty Love
    Sultry, glam-flavoured electro/synth-pop with a big retro string/theremin theme.
  • Dub Meltdown
    Darkly atmospheric deep electronic dub with spaced-out electronic FX.
  • EDM Samba
    Blasting EDM anthem with carnival backbeat and stadium FX.
  • Escola De Samba
    Brazilian crowd sings dreamily euphoric song over storming Batucada.
  • Evil Comes
    Intensely threatening throbbing distortion swells to abrupt climax. Impending Doom.
  • Flying Free
    Flying Indie-Folk with heavenly, chilled female lead vocal with a dreamily uplifting homecoming message.
  • Follow The Sun
    Breezy, sunny pop-folk with dreamily innocent, feelgood female vocal.
  • Frontier East
    Intense Kaval (ethnic flute) solo over solemn synth/orchestral drones evokes exotic desolation. See versions for underscore (no flute).
  • Give me Heaven
    Breezily funky disco-house groove with insistent male vocal loop, 'Upside Down', plus female vocal samples and fragments of trumpet lead.
  • Glass City Dreams
    Serious/neutral chimes sequence with vocal accents develops with beat and dramatic rock guitar solo section in the middle.
  • Golden Feet
    Percussion-heavy Jazz-samba tear-up with fiery, soaring trumpet lead.
  • Gonna Smile
    Super upbeat country-folk-pop with fresh, light girl vocal about smiling through the rain till the sun comes back.
  • Hell Racer
    Blazing synth bass over pounding electronic drums and FX. Dark, dirty and relentless.
  • Hey Nonny No
    Strident Elizabethan romp featuring assorted reeds and stirring percussion.
  • Hotel Sarabande
    Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande.
  • Hotel Sarabande (Promo)
    Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande. (30sec of PMOL149 tk1)
  • Huracan
    Storming electronica distortion-fest with overheated synth bass/lead and block-rocking beats. Music to go very fast to.
  • Huracan (Promo)
    Storming electronica distortion-fest with overheated synth bass/lead and block-rocking beats. Music to go very fast to.
  • I See Demons
    Dark and menacing electronica- where's my Audi?
  • Just Don't Stop
    Hypnotic funky 128 bpm beach-house with distorted vocal fragments looped into the groove.
  • La Haine
    Rumbling Electro-Hip Hop with intense male rap. In French.
  • Last Farewell
    Epically mournful duduk lament over solemn pads. Alternate version with ney lead.
  • Lazy Hour
    Affable 40s style comedy-jazz homage to contended indolence with scat vocal and mouth-trumpet solo over lazy Djangoesque jazz rhythm section.
  • Let It All Come In
    Intense, racing Post-Grunge flies along with a serenely detached hippy-dreamy cosmic ensemble vocal.
  • Love Theme
    Epic piano plus orchestra love theme moves from poignant to epically gushing. Massively romantic in a 60s/70s Euro way, somewhat kitsch, definitely retro.
  • Mango Fandango
    Exceedingly kitsch/nostalgic, ultra-romantic 50s/60s retro Tango - see versions for extra-vintage LoFi cuts.
  • Meet The Beast
    Monster, awe-filled techy atmospherics (116bpm) into hi-speed trance groover (132bpm). The hypercar stationary cutting to the kickass speed laps.
  • Monsoon Trail
    African Harp and percussion led mid-tempo chillout groove with enigmatic ethnic voice samples over.
  • Mr Debonair
    Lush, cool and dangerous 60s easy listening - Steve McQueen with a shoulder-holster.
  • Neutral
    Emotionally neutral, technologically oriented electro with sequenced bell-tones, skippy modern drum programming and occasional string section.
  • Next Gen Trailer Drone
    Synth drone track - perfect for linking sections of any tune on this album - alternate versions coverall the keys of all the tracks.
  • Pagani Zonda
    Fast and furious high octane rocky dance with explosive filmic FX.
  • Petrol Storm
    Storming distorted chemical-rock/trip-hop with tortured synth riff over thunderous bass and breaks.
  • Pick N Mix
    Easily editable sequence of generic Electro-Pop grooves for an instant pop-up bright and techy atmosphere.
  • Power And Glory
    Pensive piano and pads intro lifts massively into epic indie orchestral power ballad chorus.
  • President Of The World
    Wild, sexy racing Indie rock with throaty male vocal celebrating a gender-neutral leader of the Party Pack.
  • President Of The World (Promo)
    Wild, sexy racing Indie rock with throaty male vocal celebrating a gender-neutral leader of the Party Pack.
  • Respirator
    Psychedelic chilled electronica with a menacing edge; insistent twisted chimes motif and prominent breathing/respirator effects.
  • Retail Heaven
    Breezy, light hearted and insanely kitsch tribute to Brit Babyboomer lifestyle innovations like supermarkets, TV dinners and indoor toilets. (Organ version of 'Shopper's Paradise' PMOL089 Trk 1)
  • Rex Mortuus Est
    Stormy, relentless chamber orchestra pays homage to Vivaldi's Baroque. Maximum melodrama with a bawdy edge.
  • Rockabilly Moon
    Bad-boy rockabilly guitar combo raises the roof at the Hop.
  • Rolling Thunder
    Thunderous, pounding synth bass flies along over tight, punchy breaks with abstract atmospherics and impacts floating over.
  • Scotland
    Muscular drums with Highland bagpipes and rock guitar. Celebratory, heroic and patriotic.
  • Semper Deranged
    Sousa marching band cuts into crazed calliope (@50 sec), then rumbling, hyperactive Scratch/Hip Hop versions of itself. US tradition collides with the streets.
  • Seychelles Sunrise
    Long, lush ambient chill intro featuring Spanish guitar and abstract vocal pads slides into Housey-Chill groove. Warm, spacey, blissed-out.
  • Shanty Boccherini
    Rollicking solo cello leads a cheerful neo-Baroque sea shanty after Luigi Boccherini's 'Night Music of the Streets of Madrid'.
  • Shining Day
    Emotive/Euphoric UK Indie pop-rock.
  • Shopper's Paradise
    Super-kitsch, sunny retro Latin easy-listening. Music to buy kitchen appliances to, circa 1962.
  • So Funky
    Scorchingly Funky Breakbeat workout with vocal snippets- 'So funky!' and 'Are you feelin' alright?'- good dirty fun.
  • Soft Acid
    Vintage chilled out acid house, continuously builds to bleepy climax; spacious drop at 03'07 - neutral and technical.
  • Speed Warrior
    Distorted punk bass blasting over massive, tumultuous breaks with siren and crowd FX. Intoxicatingly hard and soaked with adrenaline.
  • Spirit Of 82
    Flowing, melodic 80s synth pop anthem.
  • Stars And Chipsounds Forever
    Sublimely rousing version of Stars And Stripes For Ever dips into Chiptune silliness then comes back with Drumline snares blazing, more rousing than ever!
  • Summer Moods
    Languid, dreamy Trip-hop with majesticretro strings melody and intense jazzy trumpet solo in the middle.
  • Sunshine Symphony
    Manically jaunty Hammond organ nostalgia trip. Music for an in depth look at caravanning around 1964.
  • Ten Thousand Things
    Thoughtful EDM synth-riff builds steadily to huge sweeping anthemic climax.
  • The Intrigue Unravels
    Uproariously melodramatic runaway orchestral romp with harpsichord and reeds lending a raucous hand.
  • The Reckoning
    Massive dystopian cinematic atmospherics erupt into Breakbeat hyperdrive with storming electric bass loop and block-rocking drums & FX.
  • The Silver Locket
    Flowing, lightly thoughtful waltz for solo piano, with light string touches. Gently upbeat vintage romance.
  • The Speed Game
    Urgent, airy electronica with a technological edge. Speed with atmosphere.
  • The Thunderer Messed Up
    Manically jolly marching band switches abruptly to doomy Trap, with a surreal blend of dark melodrama and Chiptune silliness.
  • Twangling
    Wired, subtly twisted synth-bell figure leads gradually evolving electronica. Bright and strange.
  • UHD Euphoria
    Nu-housey intro grows into towering EDM anthem with abstract female vocs and majestic strings then does it all again, only more so! Twice!! Young, free, sunny and exciting.
  • Urban Chill
    Thoughtful guitars grow into rolling Indie-Trip Hop with spacey FX. Downbeat psychedelic chill.
  • We Are Electric
    Retro electro synth pop with a distinctly 80's Germanic feel.
  • When Prog Ruled The Earth
    Epic tribute to the 70s heyday of the supergroup. Lush, cerebral rock with cosmic male vocal verses and heroic guitar solo between.
  • Young And Free
    Teen-friendly Electro builds from dirty dancefloor groover to huge Pop-Trance anthem.
  • Your Best Life
    Flowing, atmosphericFuture Bass/EDM grows from a spot of hopeful anticipation to full-blown life-altering rapture.