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Hell Racer

Hell Racer
Blazing synth bass over pounding electronic drums and FX. Dark, dirty and relentless.
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106 bpm, 106bpm, action, amusement, base, bass, battle, battlefield, battlefields, battles, battling, bigbeat, biker, bikers, bikes, biking, breakbeat, breakbeats, breaks, bull, bungee, chase, chases, chasing, chemical, coaster, coasters, combat, crash, crashes, crisis, dakar, danger, dangerous, dangers, destroyed, destruction, drama, dramas, dramatic, driving, drum, drums, edgy, effects, electric, energy, excitement, exciting, exploding, explosion, explosions, explosive, extreme, fast, ferrari, fire, fires, fireworks, formula, frantic, free, freefall, funpark, guitar, hard, heavy, huge, impact, incessant, indy, indycart, intense, jackass, jet, jets, jumping, machine, machinery, machines, manic, massive, mclaren, medium, metal, mid, motor, motorbike, motorbikes, motorbiking, motorcycle, motorcycles, mountain, mountaineer, mountaineering, mountaineers, mountainous, mountains, nascar, off, offroad, offshore, olympian, olympic, olympics, pace, packed, paris, parkour, phat, pounding, power, powerful, powersports, prix, pro, pursued, pursuing, pursuit, pyrotechnic, pyrotechnics, quick, race, races, racing, raid, rallies, rally, rallying, red, ride, riding, riffing, riffs, riffy, road, rock, rocking, rocky, roller, rugby, rugger, run, runner, runners, running, shares, show, shows, siren, sirens, smashes, spectacle, speed, speeding, speedway, speedy, sport, sporting, sports, sporty, sprint, stadium, stadiums, stock, stunt, stunts, style, stylish, supermoto, synth, synthesiser, synthesizer, theme, themes, thrill, thrilling, thrills, tough, tournament, tournaments, triumphal, triumphant, truck, trucker, truckers, trucking, trucks, twisted, ultimate, unrelenting, urgency, urgent, victor, victories, victorious, victors, victory, win, winner, winners, winning, wrecks


Main Version

Length: 03:12   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
60 sec

Length: 01:00   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
30 sec

Length: 00:30   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
15 sec

Length: 00:15   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
Sting - (7 sec)

Length: 00:07   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
Stem - 1 - Bass

Length: 03:12   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
Stem - 2 - Drums

Length: 03:12   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
Stem - 3 - Hits and FX

Length: 03:12   Key: D minor   BPM: 114
Stem - 4 - Pads and Leads

Length: 03:12   Key: D minor   BPM: 114