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Darkly dramatic blend of orchestra and complex dub/trip-hop. Grand and serious with a slice of modern-retro irony.
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action, adventure, aftermath, ancient, andante, anguish, anthem, apocalypse, apocalyptic, battle, battlefield, battlefields, battles, battling, bleak, bombers, change, cinematic, civilisation, civilisations, civilization, civilizations, cold, communism, communist, communists, complex, complexity, complicated, conflict, credit, crunch, danger, dark, destruction, disaster, documentaries, documentary, doom, downturn, dragging, drama, dramas, dramatic, driving, drums, earth, east, edge, edgy, emotion, emotional, emotions, empire, empires, epic, extreme, film, filmic, films, flowing, grand, grandiose, heritage, heroic, highbrow, historic, historical, history, india, indian, intense, jihad, killer, killers, march, marches, marching, martial, massive, medium-pace, melodramatic, militaristic, military, minor-key, momentous, montage, montages, nuclear, one, oppression, orchestra, orchestral, pakistan, plodding, poland, political, politician, politicians, politics, pollution, portent, portentous, portents, positive, pounding, power, powerful, prison, prisoner, prisoners, prisons, processional, protest, recession, republic, riot, rioting, riots, rise, rolling, russia, russian, russians, sad, sadness, serious, seriousness, slaves, slow, solemn, sorrow, sorrowful, sorrows, soviet, stately, strings, suffer, suffering, synth, tabla, tablas, terrorism, terrorist, terrorists, timpani, tragedies, tragedy, tragic, trailers, trip, trip-hop, triphop, twisted, tymps, unrest, war, warfare, wars, weapons, world, 82 bpm, 82bpm,


Main Version

Length: 06:24   Key: A minor   BPM: 82
60 sec

Length: 01:02   Key: A minor   BPM: 82
60 sec - With added Choir

Length: 01:02   Key: A minor   BPM: 82
30 sec

Length: 00:32   Key: A minor   BPM: 82