Production Music Online

The Medieval Era

From merry troubadours & courtly minstrels to Gregorian chant & Dark Age horror - for films, drama, documentaries

The Abbess

Nun chants early, sacred plainsong over vocal drone.

Sister Mercy

Medieval nun sings hauntingly beautiful plainsong with recorder and voice drone.

Pater Noster

Gregorian monk chants The Lord's Prayer in Latin over vocal drone.

Dark Chant

Deep and dark solo male Gregorian chanting over droning voices. Sombre and austere.

Merry Minstrels

Simple, upbeat Medieval music with two recorders and tambourine.

The Banquet

Merry, mid-paced Medieval dance performed on early instruments.

Minstrel Parade

Early ceremonial pipes, drums and percussion.

Our Lady's Rose

Sparse, slow Medieval tune with harp, ocinara & recorder. Lilting and gently romantic.

Dragons And Maidens

Light Medieval fun with crumhorn, whistle, lute, tambourine and bass shawm. Maidens & Knights abound!

Medieval Romance

Slow, courtly, romantic tune with lute, recorders, viol and crumhorn.

Medieval Dance

Simple, hypnotic ritual dance with Medieval dulcimer, pipes and percussion.

Simple Medieval Fanfares

Four short Medieval fanfares on solo Crumhorn and Rauschpfeife.


Medieval Rauschpfeife (woodwind), large drum and discordant, whispering female voices conjure disturbing Dark Ages horror.

The Black Death

Grim, epic backdrop to misery and death with solo cello, orchestra and early instruments.

Canterbury Tales

Gently ambling Medieval instruments...with a hint of fantasy.

Feudal Life

Gently rolling early instruments with distant church bell. Neutral backdrop to life in the Middle Ages..

Land Ahoy!

Happy, late Medieval sea-shanty-like atmosphere with early instruments and percussion.

Courtly Life

Upbeat recorders fanfare with early percussion and stringed instruments.

Scarborough Fayre

Hauntingly beautiful female vocal version of the traditional Yorkshire ballad with distant harp, recorder and floating chordal ambience.

Making Merrye

Sprightly Mandocello joined by early percussion & instruments in a raucous, merry celebration.

Wicker Man

Slow Medieval folk-dance with flutes, rebec and laotu (lute).

The Mummers

Medieval 'Stantipe' style dance with drum, pipes and lute.

Meadow Dance

Fast, merry 'Stantipe' style Medieval dance with percussion and pipes.

Alle Psallite

Celebratory, 13th century religious motet with harp and male choir.