Production Music Online

Stems Vol 2 - Neutral 2

minimal electronic

Cyclotron (stems)

Neutral but enigmatic soundbed to scientific information with cyclic electronica. (Stems of PMOL154 tk34)

Future Wired (stems)

Evolving synthesizer sequences over rolling beats with enigmatic, scientific feel. (Stems of PMOL154 tk102)

Automated (stems)

Neutral soundtrack to technological processes with repetitive synth figures, beats and bass. (Stems of PMOL154 tk30)

Eighties Technology (stems)

Moody electronica builds to driving retro-eighties Synth-Pop anthem. Upbeat, positive and catchy. (Stems of PMOL156 tk25)

Data Analysis (stems)

Warm, neutral electronica with chilled beat, bass and gentle cyclical sequences throughout. (Stems of PMOL154 tk11)

Facts And Figures (stems)

Neutral and factual electronic Tech background with mid-paced beats. (Stems of PMOL154 tk24)

How It's Made (stems)

Upbeat, bright technological atmosphere with electronic bleeps and light beats and bass. (Stems of PMOL154 tk01)

Shifting Colours (stems)

Light, flowing, neutral Electronica with gentle, spacey, tech feel. (Stems of PMOL099 tk27)

The Problem Of Time (stems)

Deep bass pulses with spacey electronica and ticking fx. (Stems of PMOL154 tk83)

Calculations (stems)

Neutral electronic background to scientific activity with a sense of concentration and time passing. (Stems of PMOL154 tk41)

Space Signals (stems)

Wondrous atmosphere with gentle piano and ethereal voices builds over swirling, swooshing background noise. (Stems of PMOL154 tk86)

Science By Numbers (stems)

Neutral scientific background with data stream sounds and spikey, robotic synth. (Stems of PMOL154 tk45)

iTech (stems)

Bouncy, warm, uplifting Electronica with a carefree, sunny feel. (Stems of PMOL156 tk21)

Clinical Trials (stems)

Bright, positive, neutral atmosphere with light percussion and bubbly tech fx. (Stems of PMOL095 tk42)

New Discoveries (stems)

Gently unfolding atmosphere of wonder with light percussion and sparkling synth. (Stems of PMOL095 tk45)

Particles (stems)

Simple factual scientific soundbed with techy bleeps. (Stems of PMOL154 tk14)

Positive Science (stems)

Upbeat and technological with beats and bleeping electronica. (Stems of PMOL154 tk06)

Search For A Cure (stems)

Inspiring backdrop to scientific enquiry with interweaving digital signals and warm synth washes over slow beat. (Stems of PMOL154 tk18)

Lights In The Sky (stems)

Dreamy, ambient riffs/pads over subdued dubstep rhythm. Light and thoughtful. (Stems of PMOL099 tk47)

Eco Magic (stems)

Eerie, wonky intro into shimmering atmospheric electronica with light piano and spacey pads. Positive and super Hi-Tech. In 3/4 time. (Stems of PMOL128 tk1)