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PMOL Playlist - "Political Subterfuge"

for news and features about dark political subterfuge

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Backlash (Promo)

Moody tension develops with edgy medium-paced beats. (30sec of PMOL102 tk1)

Closing The Net

Mysterious piano motif into dark, serious, suspenseful atmosphere with tense beats, bass and strings.

Cold War

Shadowy, piano led soundtrack to suspense and intrigue with eerie electronic impacts and FX.

Crisis Russia

Serious, darkly powerful atmosphere with unsettling touches of felt piano and zither over deep ominous drone. Alternate version has haunting solo violin.

Dark Activity

Pulsing, threatening synth monotone over rolling percussion with spacey atmospherics and sinister piano tune fragments.

Dark Assignment

Shadowy piano intro to tense, edgy atmosphere with dark hits and chugging strings.

Dark Climax

Solemn filmic orchestral intro is joined by prowling Triphop beats. Darkly sexy.

Dark Mystery

Gloomy, enigmatic backing with dark, glassy overlays grows in urgency then falls back.

Dark Secret

Gloomy, portentous atmosphere steadily builds with dark beats, electronica and strings.


Restless, enigmatic Minimalist piano swells with strings and electronica to inconclusive final chord.

Developing Situation

Sense of crisis brewing with Minimalist piano, strings, steadily intensifying beats and electronica.

Disturbing Developments

Sinister ambient intro into menacing vocal/electronic/orchestral chords over restless drum beats.

Extreme Measures

Tense downbeat intro to dark, bombastic synth theme over massive drums.

Icy Espionage

Dramatic, chilling Russian balalaika orchestra crescendos over minimalist trip-hop beats & piano.


Dark bass, beats and strings swell to sensual synth-led theme.

March of Time

Solemn orchestral processional builds to breakbeat-driven filmic anthem. (beats at 1:50)


Dark and moody trip-hop with fragments of melancholy piano and guitar lead over a hybrid orchestral/electronic backing.

Rendezvous Murmansk

Chilly Russian balalaika ensemble tremolos with touches of domra build to a dramatic final crescendo.


Dramatic hybrid synth/orchestral underpinnings with intense bell-like synth tones riffing and percussion accents.

Spy Games

Mysterious and portentous retro-filmic orchestral backing over rolling breakbeat, joined by male and female choral histrionics.

The Blessing

Ancient Slavonic Liturgical melody arranged for Russian traditional instruments. Sombre, moving & beautiful.

The Frozen City

Atmospheric Russian balalaika orchestra tremolos with icy bandura (zither) sparkles.

Trouble Building

Dramatic, insistent orchestral strings figures repeat over simple, stormy cinematic piano and drums.

Under Surveillance

Growing tension with pulsing bass throbs under darkly mysterious, suspenseful atmosphere and restless beats.


Darkly dramatic blend of orchestra and complex dub/trip-hop. Grand and serious with a slice of modern-retro irony.

World Alert

Portentous strings lead massive rolling trip-hop theme; weighty, downbeat and dramatic.