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PMOL Playlist - "Pandemic"

for news and features about the current global covid pandemic

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Bringing Us Closer

Sensitive soft piano builds with distant organ with sense of growing hope and emotion.

Clinical Trials (stems)

Bright, positive, neutral atmosphere with light percussion and bubbly tech fx. (Stems of PMOL095 tk42)


Deep, warm piano and strings slowly swell with sensitive emotion.

Counting The Cost

Sparse, deep piano chords rise slowly with sense of poignancy.

Crisis China

Serious, neutral soundbed with subdued but urgent, cyclical Hang Drum patterns over dark pulsing sub-bass.

Crisis The Facts

Simple, serious/neutral orchestral mallets-led soundbed. Perfect for features with factual narrative.

Data Analysis

Warm, neutral electronica with chilled beat, bass and gentle cyclical sequences throughout.

Emotional Times

Soft piano slowly builds with warm strings. Simple and emotive.


Extreme minimalism - rhythmically insistent chord patterns- alternate versions featuring Hang drum.

Getting Back To Normal

Gently busy plucked strings grow with simple, bright piano in joyful mood.

Gradual Process

Pensive downtempo electronica with a technical slant.

Hope And Inspiration

Warm, uplifting piano-led soundtrack builds throughout with emotion and optimism.

Hope In Hard Times

Emotional piano builds with strings and guitar over mellow beat. Touching and heartfelt.

Joy Returns

Gently rolling piano joined by cello and high strings grows with joy and optimism.

Rising Up

Positive, emotive orchestra and electronica builds with thriving beats to uplifting climax.

Sad Goodbyes

Sad and touching with piano, orchestra and solo cello. Emotional and warm.

Search For A Cure (stems)

Inspiring backdrop to scientific enquiry with interweaving digital signals and warm synth washes over slow beat. (Stems of PMOL154 tk18)

Thank You

Uplifting soundtrack to gratitude, hope and inspiration. Builds from sensitive intro to warm, heartfelt Indie/orchestral theme. Super-Feelgood!

Waiting For Results

Tense and gloomy electronic bed for long anxious waits.