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Hope In Hard Times

Uplifting, emotive tracks for news features, promos and stories of hope - by Robert Allen Elliott.

All the intense emotions brought into relief by the pandemic, focussed and expressed here in a collection of carefully weighted Indie-Orchestral instrumentals. Traversing a range of feelings - engaging without over-emoting - from solemnity through gratitude to determination and hope - soundtracks for extraordinary times.

Thank You

Uplifting soundtrack to gratitude, hope and inspiration. Builds from sensitive intro to warm, heartfelt Indie/orchestral theme. Super-Feelgood!

Rising Up

Positive, emotive orchestra and electronica builds with thriving beats to uplifting climax.

Hope In Hard Times

Emotional piano builds with strings and guitar over mellow beat. Touching and heartfelt.

Pulling Together

Joyful, uplifting violin arpeggios build with orchestra and female voices to hope-filled climax.

Heart Warmers

Gentle guitar and warm electronica steadily build to uplifting finale. Heartwarming Feelgood.

Sad Goodbyes

Sad and touching with piano, orchestra and solo cello. Emotional and warm.

The Fight Back

Thoughtful intro breaks into purposeful strings, racing to finale with big drums. Serious, urgent and optimistic.

Winning Through

Piano and orchestra build in speed to optimistic finale. Urgent, positive and uplifting.

Hope Together

Optimism builds at a pace with piano, orchestra and joyful cello, to uplifting finale with female voice.

Keeping Spirits Up

Simple, fast-flowing piano with strummed guitar builds to upbeat orchestral chorus. Warm and uplifting.


Touching piano breaks into uplifting, sweeping orchestral theme. An emotional tribute to life's unsung heroes.