Production Music Online

Future Noir

Darkly atmospheric Electronica. (stems included)

Dark Activity

Pulsing, threatening synth monotone over rolling percussion with spacey atmospherics and sinister piano tune fragments.


Dramatic hybrid synth/orchestral underpinnings with intense bell-like synth tones riffing and percussion accents.

Scary Clock

Heavy, reverby clock tick with dark electronica and atmospherics.

Dead Drop

Moody and menacing minimal instrumental loops over rolling electronic drums.

Unpleasant Wait

Tense, glitchy electronic dub, with a rusty clocks kind of feel, to wait for something remarkably unpleasant to happen.

Night Watchers

Pensive glassy sequence over tense percussion loops with sparse atmospehrics on top.

Dark Legions

Portentous synth bass impacts loop over busy, insistent cinematic drum beats.

Tense Vigil

Tense, dark, minimal electronica with urgent, insistent pulse.

Unpleasant Business

Darkly pensive electric guitar figures unfold over minimal, glitchy electronic backing.

Dark Mystery

Gloomy, enigmatic backing with dark, glassy overlays grows in urgency then falls back.

Battle Zone

Urgent, rolling orchestral figures over menacing drones and cinematic drum bursts.

Trouble Building

Dramatic, insistent orchestral strings figures repeat over simple, stormy cinematic piano and drums.

Deep Cover

Twisted, subterranean chugging trip-hop beats with distant industrial effects and minimal altered piano notes. Dark, spacey, eerie. 


Sinister altered-piano riffs layered over tense, dark electronic percussion and FX.