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PMOL Playlist - "December Election"

Various angles on the upcoming UK parliamentary election, from serious to incredibly serious

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The Pursuit Of Excellence

Romping minimalist piano and string figures with lashings of gravitas edging into flashes of triumphalism.

Hitting Your Stride

Suspenseful, portentous intro gives way to purposeful, upbeat piano/orchestral theme.

City Rising

Bright, positive piano over urgent beats with an exciting newsy feel.

Secrets And Lies

Smooth, sensual and enigmatic soundtrack featuring marimbas over light rock/jazz rhythm section and strings. Hypnotic and evolving.

Very Serious Indeed

Busy orchestral figures with a hint of Eastern promise joined by an exotic blend of military and Middle Eastern percussion.

Heart Of The Matter

Urgent and enigmatic hybrid soundtrack - piano and marimbas backed by tense atmospherics.

Great Expectations

Portentous cello theme over rocky breakbeat backing.

Montauk Hoedown

American Minimalism - fresh, energetic piano and marimba/xylophone cycles are joined by orchestra to develop and evolve. 

Coming To A Head

Stormy Indie rock theme with insistent strings riff over big rolling drum breaks, bass and guitar.

Prepare To Launch

Suspenseful, apprehensive piano and guitar intro builds towards big, serious, affirmative indie anthem (enters @ 1:00).

The Review

Breezy retro-sixties Hammond organ over light swing beat with classical twist.

Built On Trust

Thoughtful piano intro joined by harp and orchestra growing to positive, gently emphatic conclusion.

Moving Forward

Thoughtful suspenseful intro grows into powerful, momentous orchestral climax. 

The Madness Of The King

Urgent orchestral Minimalism with a dreamlike, melodramatic edge.

The Pit Lane

Hi tech race-car themed sound-design intro to purposeful orchestral action theme. Click photo to access version without car FX.

World Alert

Portentous strings lead massive rolling trip-hop theme; weighty, downbeat and dramatic.

A Fresh Start

Purposeful, lightly urgent chamber-orchestral soundtrack to meaningful things getting done.


Urgent, mindful solo piano minimalism, with subtly tweaked piano sound and surreal, spacey breather section in the middle. Upbeat, in a clever thoughtful way.

Happy Go Lucky

Purposeful upbeat house-band with plucked strings, organ and piano taking turns center stage. Breezy accompaniment to light action.

Prada Jungle

Stridently atmospheric orchestral soundtrack to dark business/legal/political machinations with threatening overtones.


Massively momentous synth-soundtrack anthem balancing melodrama and euphoria.


Rolling mid tempo electronic techno - neutral, technical, serious.

Getting Serious

Tense and suspenseful drama theme with massive drums and atmospheric piano and choir.

Seeking Danger

Serious, tense thrillerish piano and orchestra over urgent metallic percussion.

Talking Heads

Contemporary, serious (with a light touch) soundtrack combining strings and funky retro jazz styles - late night, grownup.

The Beauty Of Numbers

Airy, urgent orchestral minimalism - cyclical and emphatic.

Every Waking Hour

Fast, driving Electronica with swirling synths and heavy bass.


Epically portentous slow chord cycle with orchestra follows enigmatic intro.

Prepared For Success

Orchestra builds with sense of stoic commitment, momentous occasion combined with grace and excellence.

Rolling News

Exciting soundtrack to news, sports, promos and features. Builds to climax with driving drums, bass, brass and soaring guitar. Prestigious with confident global feel.

Sacred Fire

Mysterious Hang Drum intro into portentous, impactful orchestra over massive metallic drums. Epic, exotic adventure.

The Big Event

Momentous orchestral fanfare builds to massive climax. Epic! (stereo & surround mixes)

The Last Conquest

Rolling orchestral/synth theme in 6/8 featuring massive drum ensemble.

Top Of The Morning

Light, upbeat News/Sports theme with a hint of Celtic.

Under Surveillance

Growing tension with pulsing bass throbs under darkly mysterious, suspenseful atmosphere and restless beats.

All Night Sitting

Sinister hybrid atmospherics overlaid with darkly enigmatic orchestra and piano flourishes. 

An Unexpected Twist

Urgent, serious orchestra and electronic drums signal fast-moving events.

Boardroom Plotting

Dark, menacing synth/orchestral atmosphere builds in tension and urgency.

Commence Plan B

Light but serious orchestral atmospheric riffing with plucked strings and mallets. Neutral intrigue.

Down To The Wire

Serious, fast-paced orchestral/electronic riffing over urgent electronic rhythms.

Make Or Break

Urgently portentous figures over dark, shifting orchestral underpinnings.

Positive Solutions

Serious but positive orchestra riffing over energetic electronic beats. Time to get decisive.

Positively Busy

Lots of contained light orchestral pizzicato excitement and bustling busyness. And piles of positivity!

Problems Brewing

Restless, brooding atmospheric riffing over tense beats, orchestra and electronics.

Riding The Storm

Intense, chugging strings over sweeping orchestral beds. Urgent and momentous.

Rolling Into Action

Frantic, racing orchestral figures build in urgency and forcefulness.

Solution Hunters

Thoughtful melodic figures over restless hybrid-orchestral bed and light electronic beats.

This Might Just Work

Tense, pensive piano figures over dark, anxiously chattering strings.

This Needs To Work

Intrigue and tension intertwine in a nail-biting orchestral race to fix a very pressing problem.

We Need A Plan

Darkly urgent string figures over tense synth bass sequence, with rising and falling orchestral dramatics.

Weighty News

Serious, fast, momentous orchestra with big-drums builds to dramatic climax.