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PMOL Playlist - "Climate Change"

for news and features about Climate Change

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Climate Disaster

Stormy orchestral action builds in drama with urgent strings and driving drums.

Crisis Brazil

Hypnotic, ritualistic Amazonian log drums and berimbau. Ideal for features with serious narrative.

Crisis China

Serious, neutral soundbed with subdued but urgent, cyclical Hang Drum patterns over dark pulsing sub-bass.

Crisis Ocean

Urgent, serious/neutral Hang Drum over ebbing and flowing ambient soundbed with an enigmatic, oceanic feel. (6/4 time)

Crisis The Facts

Simple, serious/neutral orchestral mallets-led soundbed. Perfect for features with factual narrative.


Deep 'altered piano' drone and heartbeat pulses. Enigmatic Suspense. (stereo & surround mixes)

Dying World

Portentous piano figures over enigmatic orchestra and pulsing bass.

Engines of Destruction

Doom laden atmosphere featuring brutal engine-like generated sounds overlaying thoughtful, serious pads.


Wondrous, sensual, unfolding soundscape. Archaic wind instruments over lush deep chords. (7 mins). (stereo & surround mixes)

Grave Situation

Serious atmosphere with waves of orchestra and underpinning drones.


Tense, urgent orchestra with pulse-racing bass, drums and percussion.

Monitoring Change

Portentous piano figures over enigmatic orchestra and pulsing bass.

Ocean Warning

Moody and solemn orchestra with poignant, atmospheric piano solo. Grows steadily in power to darkly epic anthem.

Temperature Rising

Darkly powerful orchestral basses and urgent drums build with dark, sweeping hits and tense strings.

Tipping Point

Serious, tense, urgent orchestra builds dramatically with dark hits.

Urgent Crisis

Stormy, urgent orchestra and percussion.

World At Risk

Rising electronic pulses over enigmatic orchestral strings ostinatos.