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Ancient Empires

From enigmatic atmospheres with haunting vocals and duduk, through light backdrops to everyday life in the ancient world, to epic armies marching to war.
Cinematic orchestrations feat. ancient instruments by Derek Austin & Patrick Wilson. (stems included)

Riddle Of The Ancients

Enigmatic atmosphere with lyre, duduk and distant ney flute over deep, lush strings, dark hits and bells.


Deep ancient atmosphere with haunting middle-eastern female voice and duduk.

Marching To War

Epic, relentless chugging orchestra with blaring horns, big drum hits and choir. Cinematic ancient action and drama.

Leptis Magna

Haunting duduk over mysteriously beautiful strings atmosphere with touches of ancient lyre, qanun (zither) and dark hits.

The Mighty Fallen

Poignant, deep atmosphere with lush strings, distant pipes, zither and emotive female voice.

Ancient Vaults

Dark, mysterious atmosphere with distant lost voices, flute and foreboding deep drum hits.


Solemn male choir over dark drone, hypnotic ceremonial percussion and haunting duduk.

Ancient Tombs

Deep, dark male voice reveal to mysterious, wondrous atmosphere with floaty strings and distant pipes.

Etruscan Dream

Enigmatic ancient Mediterranean atmosphere with waltzing lyres and lutes over hand percussion.

Epic Empire

Huge marching drums, blaring horns, chugging strings and enigmatic duduk paint a picture of ancient might.

Desert Nomads

Bleak desert atmosphere with middle-eastern zither, ethnic percussion and whistling wind. Sparse and enigmatic.


Backdrop to ancient festivity with early Greek/Roman instruments. Versions with and without partying voices.

Voices From Antiquity

Enigmatic atmospheric backdrop to ancient mystery and wonder with slow waves of choir and distant pipes.