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PMOL Playlist - "Alt Docs"

Thought-provoking soundscapes featuring altered piano

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Urgent, mindful solo piano minimalism, with subtly tweaked piano sound and surreal, spacey breather section in the middle. Upbeat, in a clever thoughtful way.


Bright, sunny, upbeat unplugged instrumental with a Celtic folky touch builds to feelgood conclusion.

Simple Solutions

Urgent, insistent piano figures over sparse drums & FX give way (39sec) to super-positive, bright piano-led theme.

Strangely Clever And Good

Heavily modified piano plays childlike waltz over pulsating electronic backdrop, to very weird but very positive effect.

Starting To Work

Steady, slightly psychedelic effected piano riffing gets more and more upbeat and purposeful till you start wanting to do some work!

Alternative Realities

Portentous and highly atmospheric, abstract soundtrack built round dense altered-piano figures. Serious but bright, with a scientific touch.