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File Types:

The audition music is medium quality stereo MP3 (160 kbps/48kHz)


  • MP3 High Quality, tagged - 320 kbps (NB: recently added mp3s are 160 kbps but are replaced with 320 kbps when released on albums)
  • 16 bit, 48k WAV files. (NB: recently added WAVs are 24 bit, 48k but are replaced with 16 bit, 48k when released on albums)
  • Surround Files - 16 bit 48k

Our MP3's and WAVs are tagged with metadata.

Surround Sound:

Some tracks can be downloaded in Quad or  5.1 format.
Search for these tracks from the Version Type drop-down menu:

You can download a zip file of 16 bit, 48k mono WAVs (L, R, RL, RR and sometimes LFE)
Those which we haven't got around to remixing yet can be done on request:


Surround Mixes:

  • Our surround mixes usually place the main track to the forefront (L, R) and spatial fx to the rear.
  • We have some ambient tracks enhanced by using the LFE channel.
  • We don't use the center channel at all.
  • We occasionally do some wild stuff for fun!