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Wild Places 1 - Beauty & Wonder

Cinematic portrayals of Earth's wild and wonderful regions.

Over Galapagos

Flowing piano over deep waves of orchestral strings. Peaceful and beautiful with a sense of wonder.

Sunrise In Paradise

Soft piano builds with orchestra, swelling with emotion to beautiful finale. Peaceful, inspiring and panoramic.

Pampas Nights

Mellow, classical guitar and violin over warm orchestral backing. Pensive, inspirational and beautiful.

Beautiful Calm

Delicate piano over shimmering strings create atmosphere of enigmatic beauty and wonder.

Pristine Wonder

Gentle rolling atmosphere of peaceful beauty and wonder unfolds with orchestra. Panoramic gentle majesty.

Clear Night Skies

Wondrous atmosphere with slow, ethereal piano. Soft, spacious and inspiring.


Breezy piano and string figures build in rising and falling waves.

Over Africa

Uplifting, flowing strings, flutes and female choir over upbeat African percussion.

Above The Andes

Soaring pan pipes over enigmatic orchestral strings and brass.

Land Of The Fjord

Lonely pipe over strings intro, joined by hurdy-gurdy and medieval percussion. Panoramic and steeped in ancient Scandinavian romance. Builds throughout.

Undersea Realm

Glassy atmospherics into deep, drifting drones with light piano touches and washes of orchestral strings. Slow, graceful underwater beauty and wonder.

Wondrous Vistas

Wondrous ambient  intro with distant trumpet builds with angelic choir and orchestra. Panoramic heavenly beauty.