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Victorian Fight Club

Irish and Balkan folk flavours stage a stylish brawl. (stems included)

Let The Ruckus Commence

Wild, reeling gypsy violin and winds kick up a storm over adrenaline-charged North African percussion. Exotic, sensual and crazy.

Gin House Brawl

Watch the glasses and chairs go flying for this action packed gypsy folk romp with rollicking fiddle lead and frenetic N. African percussion.

Clerkenwell Casbah

Rambunctious N. African Gypsy reel with violin, cimbalom and raucous reeds over wild, tempo-shifting percussion. The chaos of Victorian street life, with much villainy lurking in the shadows.

Gypsy Dance Off

Gypsy dance band with accordion backing fiery fiddle lead, steadily winds up the tempo and intensity from plodding to furious.

Prepare For Battle

Wired fiddle and guitar over N. African percussion are joined by distinctive overblown flute in a hypnotic gypsy dance to mark something quite intense about to happen.

Intense Developments

Rolling acoustic guitar and atmospheric folky drones over urgent N. African percussion in trick (7/8) time signature. Much ado about something.