Production Music Online

Upbeat World 3

Australia & Polynesia

Go Australia

Chugging didgeridoo and shouts over gritty, driving beat.

Action Australia

Racing beats meet Didgeridoo for a wild ride down under. Fast and exciting with punchy hits and crazy Outback sound effects.

Sunshine Coast

Feelgood Australian Worldbeat with jews-harp (sounding somewhat like a didgeridoo) over cheerful House beat. 

I Love Oz

Fast, happy driving House-flavoured Worldbeat with catchy synth toplines, log drum and of course..Didgeridoo!

Maori Warriors

Driving Maori war dance with intense tribal drumming and Haka war cries (recorded live in Cook Islands).

Go Polynesia

Rolling Polynesian worldbeat with tribal drumming, male chants and voices.

Explore Polynesia

Joyful Polynesian Worldbeat with island vocals and drums, lap steel guitar and ukulele over warm upbeat backing.

Oahu Serenade

Feelgood retro-style Hawaiian guitar over swinging acoustic backing with ukulele and light percussion.

Tiki For Two

Jolly retro-kitsch Hawaiian fun with lap steel guitar, vibraphone and ukulele.

Silly Beach

Comical cartoon beach music with log drums and wobbly lap steel guitar. Cute, silly fun.

Too Much Pina Colada

Light-hearted South Pacific comedy/cartoon music with wobbly 'Hawaiian' guitar, marimba and lapping surf sound.

Lazy In Hawaii

Lapping wave fx into lazy South Pacific beach holiday vibes with ukulele and guitar.