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Upbeat World 2

Asia - The Middle East - Africa

Hey China

Happy Chinese-flavoured Worldbeat with Trap beats and quirky female voice samples.

Go China

Uplifting Worldbeat/crossover with emotive Chinese intrument toplines. Fast, warm feelgood.

Korean Colours

Cheerful, laidback Worldbeat mixing traditional Asian instruments, modern beats and Korean percussion.

Jakarta Calling

Driving Worldbeat with Indonesian gamelan bells and glitchy voice effects.



Easgoing Worldbeat with hang drum, mallets and Asian gong over laidback beat.

Club India

Lively Worldbeat with traditional Indian instruments and driving drums.

Go India

Uplifting Worldbeat/crossover with emotive Indian vocals and percussion. Fast, warm feelgood.

Go Middle East

Uplifting Worldbeat/crossover with emotive Middle-Eastern instruments and percussion. Fast, warm feelgood.

Gateway To The East

Exotic Turkish flavoured Worldbeat with mysterious, sultry, seductive feel.


Upbeat, fun Middle-Eastern Worldbeat with glitchy percussion, Oud and fiddle.


Solo Arabic lute (Oud). Spacious and haunting.

Desert Dawn

Deep orchestral bass drone underpins exotic Middle-Easten Oud figures. Mysterious haunting beauty.

Call Of The Wild

Powerful jungle 'survival show' style theme with Conch horn into pounding tribal drums, war chants and big orchestral stabs.

Club Africa

Upbeat rolling funky House with cut up African vocal chant samples.

Safari Smile

Happy, warm African Worldbeat with light, exuberant feel.

Savannah Song

African Worldbeat with tribal drums and voices builds to happy, feelgood theme.

Africa Jam

Uplifting tribal African Worldbeat builds with driving drums, happy voices and electro bass.