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UK Hyperpop

Girl vocal Electropop - London style. (stems included)

And I Oop

Dangerously catchy, surreally upbeat, fidgety electropop with tongue-in-sugary-cheek girl vocal and some manic musical detours.

My Dreams

Deceptively cutesy female vocal with a knowing edge over sparse, bouncey Pop-Electro.

Hold Me Love Me

Extreme fairytale romantic Girl-Pop with a definite robotic edge, over a skippy Tropical Pop-Dance backing, with hypnotic loved-up chorus.

Picking On You

Ultra-cutesy girl vocal pop gives way to crazy pounding electronic riff with robotic vocal cutups.

Catching Feelings

Girl explains concept of clinginess to soon-to-be-ex partner over fast, edgy electronic bubblegum pop backing. Kitsch with a hard heart.