Production Music Online

Twisted Spaces

Cool electronic tech chill with glitchy leanings from bright to twisted - for technology, factual, crime, drama, science, arts

Eco Magic

Eerie, wonky intro into shimmering atmospheric electronica with light piano and spacey pads. Positive and super Hi-Tech.

Steel Horizon

Pulsing electronica underscore, joined by glitchy light electronic percussion sequence. Thoughtful, serene beauty with an edge.

Coming Together

Euphorically upbeat rolling trip-hop with a psychedelic edge.

Gentle Light

Luminous pads with gentle glassy synth sequences and echoey piano line form airy, meditative atmosphere.

Twisted Spaces

Glitchy electronic backdrop with light techy beats - spacey, pensive and edgy.

Positive Dreaming

Super slow-moving ambient soundtrack. Positive in a spacey way.

On Reflection

Weird and atmospheric glitch elements grow with airy piano, clock FX and pads to create pensive, insistent bed with a suggestion of passing time.

Mysteries In Technology

Mysterious and moody sequenced synth bed with subtle clock-ticking and reverse effects builds layer by layer.

Waiting For Results

Tense and gloomy electronic bed for long anxious waits.

Beautiful Desolation

Moody, spacey electronica. Serious, mysterious beauty.

Serious Tech

Darkly urgent electronic soundtrack with a tech edge.