Production Music Online

Simply Happy

Cute, simple soundtracks celebrating happiness with family and friends

Backyard Carnival

Remarkably silly, vaguely Caribbean-sounding dance band has a go at being ultra-smiley happy and succeeds massively.

Heading For Home

Gently celebratory semi-acoustic folky-poppy jam with light vocal-sample lead - weirdly happy and happily weird.

Up With The Sun

Trumpet leads harmonise over rolling rhythm section, with the odd spot of whistling. Relaxed, upbeat, breezy fun.

Off To Dreamworld

Warm strings, organ and acoustic guitar (and the odd chime) for a gentle end of play/day unwind. 

Problem Sorted

Funny brassy plodder with cheery/zany whistling lead. Funny/helpful builders and suchlike...

Summer Bike Ride

Super upbeat ukulele leads piano and chimes over bouncy rhythm section. Piles of light, happy activity.

Watch Them Grow

Thoughtfully sunny, light, acoustic folk with flowing acoustic guitar and strings. Gently uplifting.

Whistle Down The Lane

Bouncy, jolly whistling over ukulele-led backyard rhythm section. Chimes, accordion, the works! Sunny and smiley.

Kids Go Wild

Manically jolly semi-acoustic tear-up featuring trumpet, ukulele and lo-budget organ. 10/10 for effort.

Shopping And Smiling

Wacky, ultra-smiley piano-led acoustic jam with a jerky childish feel and cash-register effects.

Smile Street

Year 4 are at it again with an acoustic tear-up of cuddly plink-plonk. Weapons-grade cute and sunny.

Babygrow Boogie

Rocking semi-acoustic Twist as performed by Year 8 school pop-orchestra, featuring piano and glockenspiel one-finger lead.

Lucky Raindrops

Cute and magical home-made, childlike pop with pizz/chimes lead - the happy face of raindrops.

Paint The Sun

Childlike piano lead over plodding rhythm section. Sunny and innocent.