Production Music Online

Serious Business

Ultra-serious orchestral / electronic backdrops to politics and finance

Down To The Wire

Serious, fast-paced orchestral/electronic riffing over urgent electronic rhythms.

Solution Hunters

Thoughtful melodic figures over restless hybrid-orchestral bed and light electronic beats.

This Needs To Work

Intrigue and tension intertwine in a nail-biting orchestral race to fix a very pressing problem.

Rolling Into Action

Frantic, racing orchestral figures build in urgency and forcefulness.

Positive Solutions

Serious but positive orchestra riffing over energetic electronic beats. Time to get decisive.

Make Or Break

Urgently portentous figures over dark, shifting orchestral underpinnings.

Problems Brewing

Restless, brooding atmospheric riffing over tense beats, orchestra and electronics.

This Might Just Work

Tense, pensive piano figures over dark, anxiously chattering strings.

Commence Plan B

Light but serious orchestral atmospheric riffing with plucked strings and mallets. Neutral intrigue.

An Unexpected Twist

Urgent, serious orchestra and electronic drums signal fast-moving events.

Riding The Storm

Intense, chugging strings over sweeping orchestral beds. Urgent and momentous.

We Need A Plan

Darkly urgent string figures over tense synth bass sequence, with rising and falling orchestral dramatics.

All Night Sitting

Sinister hybrid atmospherics overlaid with darkly enigmatic orchestra and piano flourishes. 

Boardroom Plotting

Dark, menacing synth/orchestral atmosphere builds in tension and urgency.