Production Music Online

Science And Technology

Positive, tech-oriented tracks - for documentaries and promos


Warm, flowing Electronica with a touch of mystery and fascination.


Medium-paced, thoughtful, positive Electronica with neutral feel. Good for voice-overs.


Neutral technological atmosphere. Light and simple.

Chrome Zone

Light, technological soundscape with beats and synths. Neutral Electronica.


Lightly enigmatic Electronica. Sparkling, neutral and warm.


Fast, repetitive guitar and synth figures evolve gradually with a growing sense of wonder.

Every Waking Hour

Fast, driving Electronica with swirling synths and heavy bass.

Fast Technology

Light, fast upbeat electronica with positive, neutral feel.

Flash Drive

Cool, laid-back neutral Electronica with positive feel.

Silicon Heart

Neutral, medium-paced, technological soundscape with bass pulses and electronics.

Clinical Trials

Bright, positive, neutral atmosphere with light percussion and bubbly tech fx..

New Discoveries

Gently unfolding atmosphere of wonder with light percussion and sparkling synth.

Artificial Intelligence

Light, robotic Electronica with buzzy synths and techy voice fx.

Cutting Edge

Robotic, light Electro with drum machine, synth and voice fx.


Fast, quirky Synth-Pop with male and female electronic vocal countdown. "3, 2, 1"

Making Progress

Enigmatic, spacey swirling atmosphere with slow beats.


Medium/slow Electronica with a sinister edge.