Production Music Online

Sacred Places

Christianity - from early to modern - with cinematic orchestra and choir.

Eastern Star

Mystical ambience builds with exotic middle-eastern voices, Duduk orchestra and choir. Cinematic enigma and holy beauty.

Missa Solemnis

Enigmatic waves of beautiful cathedral choir. Solemn, deep and holy.

Journey To Light

Gently enigmatic orchestra builds with waves of heavenly choir to increasing glory.


Mystical atmosphere with enigmatic middle-eastern vocal touches and Duduk, builds with orchestra and choir.

Sacred Places

Angelic boys choir builds with dark, poignant cello, strings and distant bell.

In A Holy Place

Solemn, reverential strings build with brass and choir to mounting glory.

The Calling

Slow waves of warm strings, boys choir and piano create deeply reverential, meditative atmosphere.


Reverential boys choir intro builds to beatific theme with full orchestra, piano and choir. Cinematic, beautiful and holy.

Laid To Rest

Funereal strings build with tolling bell, brass and choir. Solemn and mournful.


Angelic church choir enjoined by orchestra. Warm and carol-like with feeling of good cheer.

The Way Of God

Joyfully lyrical boys choir builds with swelling orchestra. Uplifting, celebration of faith.

The Merciful

Gentle waves of soft cinematic strings and warm piano build with touching beauty.