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Retro Sc-Fi Toolkit

Retro-50s cinematic orchestral Science Fiction film cues and sound effects - for trailers, films, drama, tv

Adventures In Space

Mysterious atmosphere with Theremin and bells builds slowly to awesome orchestral climax.

Giants Of Titan

Epic, lumbering orchestra builds to startling Sci-Fi climax complete with wailing Theremin. High drama in space.

Metal Monster Attack

Huge, classic retro Sci-Fi cinematic action thriller with building drama throughout.

Space Heroes

Triumphant fanfare into sweeping orchestral retro Sci-Fi adventure. Panoramic and heroic.

Earth Victory

Patriotic, retro-fifties Sci-Fi orchestral builds with victorious marching theme to glorious, cinematic crescendo.

Abducted By Aliens

Eerie shimmering strings with Theremin erupts into no-holes-barred, dramatic brassy, Pulp Fiction terror.

What Lies Inside

Dark, trembling orchestral basses and doom-laden horns build with mysterious, other-worldy theremin. Ominous Science Fiction suspense cue.

Starship Adventure

Soaring, panoramic, vintage Sci-Fi adventure with orchestra rising throughout, heroic brass and Theremin.

Terror From Space 1

Tumultuous orchestral Sci-Fi alarm and panic builds with wailing Theremin.

Terror From Space 2

Shock orchestral stabs into epic, vintage, rising Sci-Fi terror cue with Theremin.

Ascending Awe 1

Mysterious gong crash and drums roll into feverishly ascending, manic orchestral strings with Sci-Fi Theremin.

Ascending Awe 2

Wondrous, rising orchestral strings soar upwards with mounting awe.

Descending Awe 1

Mysterious, descending orchestral strings with strange harp glissandos.

Descending Awe 2

Mysterious, high shimmering orchestral strings descend to timpani drums roll and dark brass.

Aliens Among Us

Short, creepy, hypnotic Sci-Fi growing suspense with other-wordly Theremin, bells, rolling cymbals and strings.

Monster From The Id

Theremin evokes distressed alien creatures wailing in strange Sci-Fi world.

Bubbling Pit Of Horror

Strange Sci-Fi bubbling atmosphere with weird alien creature sounds.

Creepy Theremin 1

Out-of-this-world Theremin and bells build to dramatic Sci-Fi orchestral climax.

Creepy Theremin 2

Eerie, strange, retro Sci-Fi atmosphere with Theremin and bells builds slowly with shivery, floaty strings.

Creepy Theremin 3

Ethereal retro Sci-fi atmosphere with Theremin over strange, hypnotic drone. 

Creepy Theremin 4

Dark, eerie, swirling vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere with haunting Theremin.

Solo Theremin

Vintage Sci-Fi - mysterious solo Theremin.

Spaceship Landing On Alien Planet

Vintage Sci-Fi sound effects of spacecraft landing into eerie, alien world. With strange, retro-electronica and Theremin.

Spaceship Launch

Vintage electronica Sci-Fi Spaceship take-off sound-effects.

Spaceship Flyby

Vintage electronica sound-effect of flying Sci-Fi Spaceship.

Spaceship Interior

Vintage electronica sound-effect of Sci-Fi spacecraft control room or laboratory.

Humming Equipment

Vintage electronica sound-effect of humming equipment.

Sci-Fi Stingers

6 Short Sci-fi 'Shock' Stings complete with creepy Theremin and dramatic orchestra crescendos.

Magnificent Link

Panoramic orchestral Sci-Fi sting with orchestra and choir. 'Establishing shot' cue for retro Sci-Fi films.

Suburbia Link

Light, cheery orchestral phrase with light flutes, strings and harp glissando. 'Establishing shot' cue for retro Sci-Fi films.

Hero Link

Short militaristic brass fanfare with percussion. 'Establishing shot' cue for retro Sci-Fi films.

Welcoming Planet 1

Fifties movie-style, cheerful incidental music with light strings, woodwind and percussion.

Welcoming Planet 2

Fifties movie-style, cheerful incidental music with light strings, brass, woodwind and percussion.