Production Music Online

Reggae Sun

Sunny Reggae and Ska - retro & modern

Isle Of Ska

Happy, upbeat Reggae/Ska with electric guitar, melodica and sax.

Dance Hall Fun

Fast Reggae/Dancehall with cheesy organ lead and brass section. Infectious and fun.

Island Cruise

Relaxed, easygoing Reggae with steelpan drums, guitar and brass.

Rum Galore

Happy, jaunty Reggae/Rocksteady with steelpan drums and brass section.

Riddim Surfer

Upbeat retro Ska with Surf guitar.

Beach Lovers

Happy romantic Reggae with steelpan drums and acoustic guitar.

Downtown Reggae

Sunny, upbeat Reggae with cheerful swinging beat.

Hello Jamaica

Happy upbeat Reggae/Ska with melodica lead.

Shuffle Ska

Happy, swinging Shuffle Ska with steelpan drums, organ and brass.

Pool Party

Easygoing, upbeat Reggae with guitar and piano lead.

Reggae Shack

Toe-tapping, fast Reggae with sax lead.

Tropical Nights

Laidback 'Lovers Rock' Reggae with steelpan drums, guitar and smoochy, late-night feel.

Sun Arise

Joyful, chilled Reggae with steelpan drums and sax.