Production Music Online

Reality TV

Quirky fly-on-the-wall tracks for daytime television.

Fresh Ideas

Quirky, upbeat and fun wth light tumbling plucked strings, piano, bells and beats.

Look Lively

Fast minimalistic piano, strings and mallets build in urgency over light beats. Quirky and fun.

The Optimist

Postive, minimalistic strings, bells and piano. Gently upbeat and quirky.

Grand Designs

Neutral positive soundtrack to everyday activities with soft beats, bright strings and piano.

Making Headway

Quirky minimalism with a bright flowing, optimistic feel.

Quirky Moments

Simple and cute 'plinky plonk' piano, plucked strings and woodwind. Silly and fun.

Many Possibilities

Thoughtful, bright and quirky with plucked strings, mallets, beats and piano.

Fly On The Wall

Quirky, fun and upbeat with mallets, bells, beats and plucked strings.

A Bit Posh

Striding minimalist string figures with light piano and bells toplines. Quirky, fun and...a bit posh.

Inspiring Plan

Gentle, warm minimalism builds in optimism with strings.

Light And Busy

Light, fast, minimalistic soundtrack to busy goings-on with skittish strings, piano and bells.

A Touch Of Mischief

Quirky, upbeat soundtrack to comic goings-on with light beats and plucked strings.

Tender Times

Soft, warm minimalistic piano and strings with fast flowing undercurrent. Emotive and gently wistful.