Production Music Online

Punk Electro

Anarchic, trashy, crazy and twisted Dance-driven Electronica with streety, too-cool-for-school girl vocal fragments.

Nothing I Can't Do

Driving, dirty Electro with super-empowered girl vocal sample. Edgy, sexy, catchy and energising.

Tell Me What You Want

Ultra-edgy and futuristic electronica driven by contorting electro synth line with seductive/enigmatic female spoken vocs.

I Want It All

Bouncy electro with cutesy girl vocal phrases celebrating being spoilt for choice in a jewellery/handbag/shoe/sportscar etc emporium.


8-bit robots find a voice chip (which can say 'Boom' and 'Un-Hunh', very seductively) and knock up some rather stunning, totally bonkers pumping Electro House.

Kiss This

Raucous Electro House with relentless, slowly evolving bass and lots of ragged edges. Loud, punky and energetic.

Kernel Panic

Frantic, Housey electronica; bleep-mania with a comedy-dark side. Music to smash computers to.

Hyperactive Androids

Fast and fidgety electronic celebration of technology on the edge of a nervous breakdown.