Production Music Online

Positive, Neutral, Factual

Inspiring, positive, neutral soundtracks - for promos, business, new technology, lifestyle, factual tv

The Speed Game

Urgent, airy electronica with a technological edge. Speed with atmosphere.

Picture Perfect

Positive, upbeat and neutral with a high-tech feel.

Fast And Smooth

Exciting, ever-shifting sonic collage over cool electro beats. Fast, spacious, chic.

Venture Capital

Upbeat, positive intro builds to simple, ascending, optimistic piano theme.

Easy Information

Light upbeat, neutral Electronica with positive, tech feel.

Meet The Team

Bright, positive yet neutral soundtrack to getting things done.

Dream Tech

Dreamy, inspiring minimal tech atmosphere builds with beats and fx.


Light, upbeat electronic chill with touches of guitar and soft sparkling fx. Fresh and fascinating.

Shifting Colours

Light, flowing, neutral Electronica with gentle, spacey, tech feel.

Positive Spin

Upbeat, rolling neutral Electronica with light, driving beat.

New World

Warm, neutral Electronica with lightly driving drum beat and guitar.

On The Up

Piano intro bursts into highly positive Indie Rock at 30sec. Confident and inspiring. (Alternate version has longer intro for voice over)

Something Special

Warm, luxurious, light tech atmosphere with flowing synth sequence.

Home Tech

Mid-paced, upbeat, neutral electronica with a spacious, positive feel.

Lights In The Sky

Dreamy, ambient riffs/pads over subdued dubstep rhythm. Light and thoughtful.

Tech News

Portentous synth bass over skipping breaks with orchestral accents - urgent, serious and technical.

Positive Information

Atmospheric ambient electronic chillout. Warm, upbeat and airy.