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Pop Goes Massive

Cutting edge vocal pop

Get Down Low

Ultra-catchy, punchy Trap/Tropical Salsa-led Pop with vocals switching between sultry romantic girl and sexy, partying guy. Loved-up party time on the beach.

Just Look At Us Now

Intense Future-Pop guitar riffing carries super soulful female anthem celebrating some new and amazing life/personal transformation. Punchy, poppy and hot.

Never Say Never

Stormingly punchy, glittering Future-Pop anthem with blazing female vocal refusing to surrender to negativity.

Don't Hold Me Down

Bouncy Future-pop with abstract, breathy female vocal fragments building to rolling, RnB chorus with restlessly soulful riffing vocal 'Don't hold me down'.

Hold On To Me

Emotionally intense female vocal over thoughtful Future-Pop intro into rolling instrumental chorus with insistent vocal sample figure. Dreamy and romantic meets cool.

Live The Dream

Suspenseful solo piano intro chords takes off into purposeful, positive Future Bass anthem with euphoric synth-lead and vocal fragments.

Everything Changed

Sultry, soulful Garage House celebration of anything big positive and life changing. Super uplifting, funky but relaxed.


Bright, exciting and remarkably fast - soulful Nu Drum n Bass with wistful male (plus female) Autotuned vocals. Dreamy but ultra high energy.

You Got It Bad

Lilting RnB with sultry female vocal over warm, soulful guitar-led rhythm section.

Tonight Feels Like Love

Massively upbeat Club-Pop anthem celebrating the very best of times (at night) with ultra-euphoric electro backing and weapons-grade soulful female lead vocals.


Laid back dreamily feelgood electronic dance with abstract vocal fragments and a light Tropical Bass feel.

Don't Matter To Me

Bouncing, catchy RnB-leaning Future-pop with cooly soulful male Break-up vocal with a defiant uplift.

Gonna Be Alright

Inspirational classic House anthem featuring vintage 90s organ bass, House piano and sax riff, with female vocal celebrating how alright everything's going to be.

Come On Let's Go

Energizing vocal leads off soulful but bouncy Tropical EDM callout to anyone thinking of having some energetic fun. Bright, sexy and glam.

Crystal Lights

Tight, funky electro intro grows into towering Future Bass Pop instrumental anthem. Bring your huge sports or any other source of general euphoria...