Production Music Online

Pop Beats

TV-friendly K-Pop, Future Pop & Reggaeton. (stems included)

Colourful Cuts

Positive, bouncy feelgood K-Pop with catchy synth-voice melody.

Pleased As Punch

Happy, upbeat Reggaeton influenced pop with bouncy beats and stabs.

Rose Coloured World

Joyful whistling-led K-Pop/Reggaeton.

Bubblegum Asia

Cute female vocals and shouts over bouncy K-pop influenced EDM.

Sunshine Style

Sunny, K-Pop/Reggaeton punctuated by stabs and hits. Glamorous and fun.

Dial Up Happy

Catchy vocoder topline over feelgood K-Pop style beats and bass.

Like It A Lot

Catchy synth-voice toplines over sunny K-Poppy beats.

Right Now

Racing adventure/videogame-style EDM with female and male shouts.

Break Out The Beast

Urgent, upbeat K-Pop style with sirens, horns and shouts.


Confident Reggaeton/K-Pop with a glamorous edge.

Swing To Go

Happy female synth-voice topline over skippy K-Poppy backing.