Production Music Online

Pizzicato TV

Light orchestra with plucked strings - by Paul Robbins

Lunch With Pierre

Smart and knowing, bright and poppy plucked strings-led soundtrack with a confident, cheerful stride. Prada handbags are Go!

The Setup

Something is definitely happening, but what? Light orchestral anticipation and excitement with a pinch of urgency and suspense. 

Miss Congeniality

Sunny, striding light orchestra dripping with breezy self-assurance. Cutely unstoppable and unstoppably cute.

Positively Busy

Lots of contained light orchestral pizzicato excitement and bustling busyness. And piles of positivity!

Side Hustle

Music to get busy to - super uptempo light orchestral inspiration for anything from launching a business to pranking your love rival to playing with your hyperactive puppy.

Coffee With Kimmie

Light orchestral intrigue mixed with wry, gossipy humour. With a slice of tiptoeing and plenty of cuteness. And a Macchiato.

Suburban Stories

Wistful orchestral soundtrack to wholesome suburban pursuits like sexting your personal trainer or stalking your partner's girl/boyfriend; downbeat intrigue with a wry touch.

Get Positive

A relaxed, gently bouncy light orchestral stroll through more or less anything (from life insurance to puppy's first outing), with zero worries and a big positive smile.

Valse Volante

Light as a leaf on the breeze, magical as a tiptoeing pixie - a dainty, swirling uptempo pizzicato waltz for when something slightly wonderful is occuring.

New Hat And Shoes

Lightly purposeful Pizzicatos with a businesslike edge. Like serious fashion shopping or the fun side of financial planning. Or cute animals doing something clever.

Good Morning Magic

Fresh and sunny light orchestral waltz with a touch of magic and a sprinkle of thoughtfulness.

Sun And Smiles

Light orchestral contentment at a gentle, strolling pace - good natured and bouncy. Toddlers doing cute stuff in a sunny field.

On The Water

Gently upbeat pizzicato backdrop to life's relaxed pleasures. Rural, dreamy, summery and contented.

Autumn In Central Park

Light orchestral tango with a pleasurably downbeat romantic heart - poignantly reflecting on what might have been.