Production Music Online


Piano and strings soundscapes with a rural, neutral positive feel by Dai Watts.

View From The Hills

Tuneful piano joined by strings. Gently reflective and happy.

The Reunion

Piano intro joined by string quartet explodes into uplifting Indie-Rock anthem.


Euphoric, fast flowing piano with touches of Una Corda (customised piano) joined by warm swelling strings.

As I Walked Out

Flowing, breezy piano with touches of Una Corda (customised piano). Light and thoughtfully joyful.

Day Drifting

Gently flowing customised piano (Una Corda) builds gradually with strings and solo violin. Easygoing and warm.

Waking World

Minimalistic piano figures joined by warm string quartet. Positive, mellow and flowing.

Morning Air

Mellow piano builds positively with warm strings and a touch of woodwind.

Malvern Hills

Warm, breezy piano joined by solo cello and violin builds with lush strings.

Do You Remember?

Laid-back, reflective upright piano with strings and solo violin. Smooth and spacey.

Cloud Watcher

Thoughtful 'Una Corda' piano builds with orchestral strings. Warm and gently uplifting.

Peaceful Valley

Slow, mellow piano joined by strings. Tranquil and thoughtful.