Production Music Online

Perfect Christmas

Beautifully crafted orchestral celebrations of the very best of Christmas - by Robert Allen Elliott

Launch Into Christmas

Choir and orchestra join in breathless, euphoric celebration of the excitement of Christmas.

Christmas At The Manor

Grand, traditional orchestral Christmas extravaganza romps around perennial favourite 'Deck The Halls'. Dizzy, bright and exciting (with some thoughtful bits too).

Christmas Excitement

Bright and buzzing with excited Christmas anticipation - a swirly, shimmering orchestral sleigh ride.

Joy To Christmas

Orchestra riffs playfully on Handel's 'Joy To the World' with big, traditional filmic arrangement and lots of snowy glisses and jingly sleigh bells.

Reindeer Ballet

Rudolph has had a couple too many sherries and is having a little dance beneath the stars while Santa squeezes down the chimney. Playful, wondrous and magical orchestration.

Marching Toys

Cute Christmas meets a touch of military drumline razzmatazz as the toy soldiers stage an impromptu parade beneath the Christmas tree.

Christmas Feeling

Lightly emo Pop-orchestral Christmas theme; massive helpings of smiley positive energy meets a touch of thoughtfulness.

Christmas Wonders

Flowing, euphoric orchestral sleigh ride with light choir and a generous helping of bells and jingles. Warm, uplifting and rather grand.

Meet The Elves

Take a fun-filled tiptoe round Santa's workshop and meet the little chaps doing all the work. Magical orchestration with toy sounds and vocalisations in Elfish.

Retro Christmas Magic

Brass band leads the orchestra and choral voices into a waltzing improvisation on 'Silent Night'. Warmly sentimental with a teensy pinch of nostalgic wistfulness.

Christmas Montage

Breathless mandolin intro leads orchestra, guitar and voices into energetic festive collage quoting 'Gloria in Excelsis' (aka 'Angels We Have Heard On High').

Quirky Christmas

Mischief and intrigue combine in a tiptoeing light-orchestral fantasia amongst the mistletoe and Christmas baubles.

Neon Santa

Cool, swaggering, glitzy big band romp through Christmas-lights Central. Bright, jazzy and fun.

Christmas Memories

Light orchestral sleepy chill to wind down after a long and happy Christmas day. Warmly reflective with a touch of emotion.

Christmas Bedtime

Music to bed down the young folk to after a long and excellent Christmas day. The choir's keeping it down, the strings are lush and soothing, and even the jingly bits are gentle.