Production Music Online

Ambient Enigma

deep ambient atmospheres - by Jeff Woodall. (stems included)

Merging Colours

Spacey, floating ambient washes with sparkling highlights.


Slowly shifting enigmatic ambient layers underpinned by deep bass notes.

Touching The Clouds

Warm ambient chord washes with a fresh sunny, spacious feel.

Ambient Enigma

Deep, enigmatic ambient atmosphere with a neutral, factual feel.

Fluorescent Skies

Enigmatic, deep spacey ambience with distant sparkles.

Poseidon Dream

Wondrous, enigmatic atmosphere with ethereal female voices evoking mysterious watery depths.

Sacred Space

Enigmatic, ambient beauty with hymn-like distant pipe organ tones and exultant voices.

Sky Watching

Softly pulsing neutral, ambient atmosphere punctuated with high, spacey sound droplets and swells.

Lucid Journey

Deep, wondrous and enigmatic with ambient washes and fx.

Turning Heavens

Warm, slowly shifting ambient washes with sparkly, heavenly touches.

Letting Go

Mellow ambient tones evoke wondrous beauty and sadness.