Production Music Online

PMOL Christmas Bonus

Light orchestral Christmas with plucked strings and sleigh bells - by Paul Robbins

Christmas Hustle

Music to get busy to at Christmas - super uptempo light orchestral soundtrack to any last minute shopping and decorating. (Christmas version of PMOL194 track 30)

Valse De Noel

Light as a leaf on the breeze, magical as an ice skating pixie - a dainty, swirling uptempo pizzicato waltz for when something slightly wonderful is Christmas. (Christmas version of PMOL194 track 60)

Plotting Christmas

Light and purposeful, upbeat orchestra to accompany any fun Christmas business... with a touch of mischief thrown in. (Christmas version of PMOL194 track 15)

Positive Christmas

A gently bouncy light orchestral take on the more relaxed and fun side of a family Christmas. (Christmas version of PMOL194 track 53)

Smiling Christmas

Purposeful Pizzicatos provide a soundtrack to anything cute or funny at Christmas. Like ultra-smiley youngsters, or doggies helping themselves to the turkey. (Christmas version of PMOL194 track 66)

Christmas In America

Joyously upbeat Christmas orchestral romp with an American Western feel. (Christmas version of PMOL097 track 27)

Easy Christmas

Light, playful and warm with softly plucked strings and jingling bells. (Christmas version of PMOL143 track 66)