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Organ Kitsch

Kitsch retro-70s organ moods from Blackpool to Bavaria...and beyond!

Sunshine And Smiles

Bouncy but suave, briskly executed organ two-step conjures up all of the glamour and magic of Southend Pier, circa 1966.

Schlager Party

Rocketing right up to the early 90s with this pumping crowd-pleaser blending the infectious energy of the 'rave' club with Tyrolean romance, complete with keyboard 'yodelling' and full auto-accompaniment overload.

O Mein Oompah

Roll out the wurst und lager for an orgy of deranged jollity and bonkers dancing, led by Germany's finest electric organ's uncannily authentic impressions of various instruments.

Disco Nights

Blazing Euro-Pop floor-filler in the edgy dancehall vernacular of the Sealink on-board disco skilfully performed by our resident one man dance-combo and his mighty Electone organ.

Ballroom Magic

Wipe that smile off and get ready to Tango with all the dignity you can muster given a series of extravagantly kitsch organ melodies strutting along over a Costa Blanca hotel-terrace style (c.1971) Latin backbeat.

Sunshine Symphony

Manically jaunty Hammond organ nostalgia trip. Music for an in depth look at caravanning around 1964.

Retail Heaven

Breezy, light hearted and insanely kitsch tribute to Brit Babyboomer lifestyle innovations like supermarkets, TV dinners and indoor toilets. (Organ version of 'Shopper's Paradise' PMOL089 Trk 1)

Stairway To The Stars

Spiritual uplift for the dreamier music lover whose soul thrills to the blend of early string-synth over Hammond organ and the hipper, edgier rock-based organ-top drum machine presets.

Song Of The Nile

All the romance and mystery of the exotic East, vividly evoked by an unfeasibly cheesy assortment of wobbly organ presets over a moodily daft, vaguely Cuban auto-accompaniment.

Life Is Perfect

Warmly affirmatory anthem to the Good Life, if the Good Life means 4 days in a trailer park outside Yarmouth. Around 1973.

Lindau Is For Lovers

Down to the lakeside for this intoxicating cocktail of romantic organ waltz and Bavarian Oompah.

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Authentic evocation of the joys of warm beer, donkey-abuse and rationing in black and white seaside England with this perennial classic of the Mighty Wurlitzer.