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Orchestral Emotion

Nostalgia, hope & sadness - by Robert Allen Elliott. (stems included)

Changing Lands

Nostalgic lush romantic strings with soft piano touches.

Prayer For the Fallen

Hopeful, romantic, hymn-like orchestral strings and soft piano.

Hope In Despair

Gentle, lush strings with sparkles of celeste build in waves of emotion.

When Night Is Over

Gently heartwarming strings and piano evoke sense of hope and recovery.

Finding Peace

Gentle waves of symphonic strings evoke serenity and beauty.

Face The Dawn

Softly flowing feelgood piano builds with strings and sense of gentle contentment and optimism.


Hollywood weepie-style lush strings dripping with emotion, romance and nostalgia.

Graceful Romance

Gracefully waltzing, highly romantic strings with soaring, joyful piano glissandos.

Love Remembered

Hopeful piano over soft, lush string orchestra.

Hope Returns

Delicately beautiful orchestral strings joined by flowing piano.


Dreamy, floating orchestral strings with gently dancing soft piano.

Memory Waltz

Slowly waltzing, lush orchestral strings build with epic romantic passion.


Soft, slowly waltzing orchestra gradually swells with emotion to storybook ending.