Production Music Online

Nu Noir

Contemporary cues bursting with dark intrigue and melodrama, feat. electronic/orchestral/rock elements and moody, minimalist solo piano versions.


Dark bass, beats and strings swell to sensual synth-led theme.

Dark Secret

Gloomy, portentous atmosphere steadily builds with dark beats, electronica and strings.

Developing Situation

Sense of crisis brewing with Minimalist piano, strings, steadily intensifying beats and electronica.

Deepening Crisis

Suspenseful atmosphere with anxious strings and electronica builds with increasing weight and drama before slowly dying away.


Anxious atmosphere with racing heartbeat explodes into driving synth/guitar theme with big, emphatic climax.

Drama Unfolds

Subdued tense atmosphere builds with piano over pulsing electronica, strings and ticking clock FX.

Facing The Truth

Slow muted beats and electronica grow with melancholic violins to deep, intensifying synth-led theme.

Things Are Beginning To Click

Pulsing, restless electronica and ticking clock fx build with dark cello and violin.

Turning Point

Dark, urgent electronica and strings explode at 00:60 into big, climaxing guitar-led theme with pounding drums before dying away on intro re-statement.

Time To Act

Suspenseful electronica and ticking clock build to weighty, swelling theme with dark synths, beats, felt piano and strings.

Into The Hornet's Nest

Throbbing heartbeat morphs into frantic, increasingly intense drumming with buzzing FX over dark, twisted drone.


Dramatic, biting Electro-Pop bass and wailing electronica build to surreal climax.


Portentous opening electronica builds with slowly emerging, pounding drums to luminous guitar-led resolution. From darkness to dawning light.

Picking Up The Pieces

Sad but hopeful, emotive atmosphere with strings, electronica and electric guitar.


Restless, enigmatic Minimalist piano swells with strings and electronica to inconclusive final chord.