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Next Gen Trailers

Extreme cutting edge Hollywood blockbuster trailers.

It Begins

Massively dark and moody hybrid atmospherics (inc clock FX) get creepier before breaking into the pounding, toweringly dramatic endgame.

Extreme Prejudice

Hybrid orchestral bed starts intense and rapidly grows way more so. Ends with an earth-shaking brass-heavy chord finale.


Insanely dark and threatening orchestral trailer starts moody and twisted and gets more and more intense till your head literally explodes with thrill-overload.

The Beast Awakens

Long tense orchestral/electronic intro suggests something very nasty lurking below. At 2:00 it emerges. And it's big.

Battle Convoy

Epic, threatening, relentless -  an orchestral battle fleet rolling majestically into an almighty confrontation...

Enter The Hero

Pensive lead-in to epic heroic entry and ever-rising thrilldom to suitably ginormous choral/orchestral climax.

Hero Squad

Hugely threatening hybrid orchestral atmospehrics with shock impacts give way to darkly heroic orchestral theme.

In A Place Of Magic

Magical, mystical entry mixing sound design and orchestra goes soaring off into a grand, galloping orchestral fantasy finale.

Terror Storm

Nailbiting intro hybrid atmospherics grow steadily in intensity to tumultuous climax.

Shock Treatment

Epic orchestral trailer grows from edgy, ambient and anxious beginnings to explosively impactful, grand and serious conclusion.

Next Gen Trailer Drone

Synth drone track - perfect for linking sections of any tune on this album - alternate versions cover all the keys of all the tracks.