Production Music Online

Neutral Sunshine

Light positive electronica - by Jeff Woodall

City Of Dreams

Dreamy, lush, electronic Ambient House with haunting female vocal fragments. Grooving and weirdly uplifting.

Definitive Answers

Spacey, airy, light electronica with light Trip-hop beat. Somewhere between euphoric and neutral.

Grand Expanse

Thoughful, solemn electronic ambient with a sweeping sense of panoramic space.

Approaching Sunrise

Pulsating synth pads grow into euphoric wall of symphonic electronica.

Epic Dawn

Bright shifting, ambient cosmic synthscape with fragments of abstract female vocal. Lush and sunny.

New Abstractions

Pulsating electronica over restless electronic percussion. Abstract, spacey and neutral, with a touch of urgency.

Shining World

Pensive altered piano figures with atmospheric electronica evolve steadily into positive and uplifting light electronic soundtrack.

Possible Worlds

Bright, dreamy piano figures over lush, heavenly synth pads with wooshing effects.

Vanilla Skies

Gently euphoric synth arpeggios over lush pad sequence with ethereal voices.

Journey To Life

Moody, eerie pads grow gradually into purposeful, rolling electronic soundtrack.


Drifting, evolving pads joined by enigmatic piano figures and distant mega-drums. Epic, mysterious, lit-up.