Production Music Online

Neutral Stories

Neutral, organic soundbeds with minimal instrumentation designed for voice-over. Stems included.

Neutral Motion

Simple, neutral atmosphere with very lightly plucked strings over cyclical hang-drum and mallets.

Narrative In Motion

Slightly urgent, neutral, orchestral soundbed.

Factual Background

Medium-paced, cyclical hang-drum with light, airy synth sparkles.

Neutral Factual

Gently flowing, cyclical piano and Nyckelharpa. Simple and organic.

Neutral News

Lightly chugging strings with sparse piano touches, mallets and cyclical sub-bass.

Neutral Elegance

Lightly upbeat, flowing piano and strings. Neutral and elegant.

Organic Stories

Medium-paced bed with gentle harp and mallets. Soft and organic.

Reflective Soundbed

Thoughtful, soft minimal piano and orchestral strings.

Simple Cycles

Simple, cyclical harp and light orchestral strings. Neutral and organic.

Gentle Touch

Slow, sparse, soft piano with light harp touches and distant floating strings.

Pause For Thought

Neutral soundbed with sparse piano and strings over slow harp pattern.