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Living In Hope

Stories of recovery - from hardship and loss to hope & joy. Emotive orchestrations with piano and strings by Robert Allen Elliott

Hope And Inspiration

Warm, uplifting piano-led soundtrack builds throughout with emotion and optimism.

Bringing Us Closer

Sensitive soft piano builds with distant organ with sense of growing hope and emotion.

Emotional Times

Soft piano slowly builds with warm strings. Simple and emotive.

Living In Hope

Piano builds slowly with deep, warm strings. Poignant but optimistic.

Loved Ones

Soft and touching with gentle felt piano and strings.

Emotive Story

Slow, poignant piano grows with sense of emotion and dawning hope.

Getting Back To Normal

Gently busy plucked strings grow with simple, bright piano in joyful mood.


Deep, warm piano and strings slowly swell with sensitive emotion.

Counting The Cost

Sparse, deep piano chords rise slowly with sense of poignancy.

Onwards And Upwards

Optimism builds with light beats, piano and joyfully dancing ethereal voices.

Brighter Days

Bright, flowing backdrop to happy times with piano, bells and percussion.

Joy Returns

Gently rolling piano joined by cello and high strings grows with joy and optimism.