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Living Free

Fun and cute light Indie and Folk-Pop from Stephen Green

Dream Easy

Easy, rolling folky indie/pop with a soulful tinge, and wistful falsetto vocal lead, slowly builds to big, upbeat ending.

Easy Sunday

Grab the Sunday paper and an orange juice for a spot of ukulele and whistling over a light poppy backing. Cute & carefree as you like.

Head Over Heels

Massively upbeat, galloping indie with euphoric falsetto lead line and hyper-energetic backing.

Green Green Grass

Fun and sunny glock and voices over folky-pop backing roll along with bags of happy, relaxed energy while you get on with the family bike-ride/pony-trekking/happy-dog frolicks etc...

We Made It

Thoughtful, emotive indie gradually grows to warmly uplifting conclusion.

Ready Steady Fun

Hyper-energetic, fun-filled funky pop-rock.

Surf The Breeze

Fast, light ukulele kicks off ultra-sunny housey groove with wistful tight vocal harmonies - happy, fast, breezy.

It's That Simple

Ginormous dose of cute-sunniness with ukulele, skippy beats and whistling.

No Worries

Jolly plink plonk magically mixes relaxed ploddiness and bounciness in equal measure.

Loving The Day

Breezy, upbeat breakbeaty pop with funky, jazzy bass and cute, happy la-la-la vocal.

Loving Lite

Lightly wistful, wordless vocals over thoughtful Indie backing into big rolling, feelgood Indie anthem.

Last Days Of Summer

Dreamy, romantic Indie with plaintive falsetto vocal lines builds to strong, emphatic conclusion.