Production Music Online

Just Real Jazz

Ultra cool and sophisticated contemporary jazz.

Bebop Express

Textbook 1950/60s Bebop with flying brass and trumpet leads plus breakneck solos. Fast, technical and ultra-cool.

Jazz City

Super-cool, sophisticated Jazz quartet provides ideal accompaniment to drinking Manhattans in Manhattan.

Chasing Secrets

Vintage 60s-70s style acoustic jazz quartet; super-sophisticated, urgent, intelligent.

Slow Train To Georgia

Wistfully feelgood, jazz-gospel theme to doing things slow and right down South of the Mason-Dixon line.

Bluer Than Blue

Melancholy trumpet-led jazz ballad with sparse, moody accompaniment. Drinking bourbon solo by neon light was never cooler.

Rio Joy Ride

Exuberant Latin Jazz quintet - cool, clever, (but still!) breezy, sunny and fun.

Dolores On My Mind

Luscious jazz ballad with velvety sax in full consoling mode while you slug bourbon into the long hours.

Devil Child

Compelling 7/8 sax and Rhodes-driven fusion. Urgent and edgy.

Neon Prowl

Ultra-soulful blues trumpet works slowly through several shades of heartbreak before setting off on a jazzy prowl through the seamy side of town.

In Pursuit Of Freedom

Meditative vintage piano-driven jazz with a touch of gospel. Upbeat with seriousness and soul.

Mysteries Of Casablanca

Carry on up the Casbah in a playfully mysterious, burlesque-Jazz stylee. Sinuous trumpet and sax leads wind sensuously over mysterious piano and minimal Eastern percussion.

On Further Reflection

Dreamily thoughtful piano trio joined by smoulderingly louche saxophone for a prolonged moody chillout with a distinct 60s art-house movie feel. Virtuosic, retro and so cool it hurts.

Study In Purple

Lush, Oriental-tinged Fusion meditation on the sad, thoughtful side, featuring soprano sax and warm synth-pad.