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Jazz City

Cool retro Jazz

New Suit And Tie

Jazz quartet cooking up a cool, crisp and super-dapper vibe.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City circa 1972 - Prowling, soulful jazz quartet with sax and bubbling organ leads. Cool and retro.

Man In The Grey Fedora

Breezy 5/4 jazz quartet with relaxed sax and piano leads. Carefree with cool.

Dancing With My Spider

Fast, solo piano boogie with walking left and super-jazzy right hand.

Inspector Silly Fails Again

Lightly rueful walking jazz quartet blues - hapless detectives of various nationalities spring to mind.

Feeling Elevated

Retro, funky, streety, breezy - jazz quartet for a bright morning in NYC (or anywhere you get that feeling).

Old Compton Street

Slinky, sultry bluesy jazz quartet take a prowl on the sleazy side.

Walking In The Rain

Complex, soulful, melancholic jazz-ballad with tenor and soprano sax leads. Feeling down never sounded so good.