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From Zen tranquility to pounding Taiko drums - for documentaries, drama, travel, news

Warriors Of Japan

Pounding Taiko drums over dark, suspenseful drone with Japanese flute (Suling & Hichiriki) interjections.


Meditative Japanese atmosphere with Shakuhachi flute, Koto, bells and drum.

Far East Threat

Dark and ominous building drama with Taiko drums, orchestral stabs and suspenseful sound effects.

Rice Fields

Tranquil, enigmatic Japanese atmosphere with Shinobue (flute), Koto and temple bowl.


Tranquil, intimate solo Shinobue (Japanese flute). Isolated flute version of 'Rice Fields'.

Ryogoku Drums

Japanese martial arts style shouts (Kakegoe/Kiai) over racing Taiko drums.

Harvest Japan

Traditional Japanese ensemble builds gently with solo flute and Shamisen for first half, breaking into lively tune at 01:25.


Slow and sentimental traditional Japanese folk with flutes, Koto and Biwa.

Kabuki Ghosts

Scary atmosphere with dark drones, haunting Japanese flutes (Hichiriki and Shinobue) and Taiko drum hits.

Secrets Of Zen

Peaceful, mystical atmosphere with Shakuhachi flute and trickling water FX.

Hamaoka Dunes

Gentle ambience with Shakuhachi flute and Japanese plucked instruments.


Minimalistic Japanese/Southeast Asian atmosphere with marimba.